Indian Man Hides Bluetooth Device in Wig during Exam

An Indian man in Uttar Pradesh used a Bluetooth device hidden within a wig to cheat in an exam for police aspirants.

Indian Man Hides Bluetooth Device in Wig During Exam - f

"I would better prefer studying.”

An Indian man was caught cheating by authorities during the Uttar Pradesh sub-inspector examinations.

The man hid a wireless Bluetooth device inside a wig.

The aspiring sub-inspector’s plan to cheat was foiled and left everyone in disbelief including social media users.

While appearing for the police exam, the student secured two earpieces in a wig to hide the wires.

However, his elaborate tactics were not smart enough to evade the authorities.

According to a video shared by IPS officer Rupin Sharma on his Twitter handle, the police officers discovered a wig tucked in the candidate’s head with earphones.

IPS Rupin Sharma wrote on Twitter:

“Amazing hacks of cheating seen during sub-inspector exam in Uttar Pradesh.”

The Indian man had tucked the Bluetooth device deep inside his ears.

Police officials became suspicious of the man after a metal detector started pinging near his head.

The student admitted that the Bluetooth device, connected to a chip, was in both of his ears.

The wireless earphones being used by the man were so minuscule that he struggled to take them out, though he admitted having them in both ears.

The video has since gone viral and people are raising concerns as to how young people in India are pushed to take desperate measures to secure a government job.

Some social media users were left in awe by the lengths the Indian man went to cheat.

One user wrote: “Too much effort, I would better prefer studying.”

Others jokingly asked the government to hire the Indian man, owing to his creativity.

A Twitter user wrote:

“If there was a Nobel prize for cheating, this guy would be amongst the front runners.”

Another added: “A very sad commentary on career opportunities in this country. Aspirants are forced to use such methods to secure a job.”

One person said: “The height of unemployment and desperation to get a job is forcing these candidates to take such action.”

Instances of cheating scandals, specifically affecting police recruitment, have increased in India in recent years.

In 2018, the CID detained 42 people in West Bengal for cheating in a constable recruitment exam using improvised wireless devices.

In the same year, a syndicate of cheating facilitators was caught in Uttar Pradesh for supplying devices, such as spy-mics and installing solvers, to aid cheating for the constable exam.

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