Indian Man hides Lover in Room for 11 Years

An Indian man from Kerala kept his long-term relationship a secret by hiding his lover in a small room in the family home for 11 years.

Indian Man hides Lover in Room for 11 Years f

He soon returned, secretly bringing his lover

It was discovered that an Indian man hid his lover in a small room at the family home for 11 years.

The incident happened at the village of Ayiloor, Kerala.

It was reported that the relationship was kept a secret due to the fact that the woman belonged to a different community.

Rahman Khani ran away with his lover Sajita on February 2, 2010. She lived a few streets away from his home.

After running away, Rahman feared disapproval from his community.

He soon returned, secretly bringing his lover to his home.

Rahman hid Sajita in a small room, unbeknown to his mother, father and sister.

Whenever he went out, Rahman would lock the room. He would also refuse to let other family members enter the room.

He converted the room’s window into an exit for Sajita.

Rahman used to provide food for his lover and take care of her, all in secret.

He even passed an electric current through the room’s door handle to give a shock to family members, deterring them from opening the door.

Sajita’s disappearance in 2010 had led to a police investigation.

Officers questioned the locals, including Rahman. As he continued to live in the same village, no one suspected him of being the reason for Sajita’s disappearance.

In March 2021, Rahman and Sajita moved into a rented house in the neighbouring village of Vithanassery.

As Rahman did not tell his family that he was moving out, they became worried and filed a missing person case.

Police began searching for him and on June 9, 2021, officers traced him to the town of Nenmara.

When questioned, the Indian man said that he moved into a rented house in March with his lover after hiding their relationship from his family for 11 years.

Officers refused to believe Rahman’s story that he had been in a secret live-in relationship.

They then travelled to Ayiloor to investigate the matter.

Upon reaching the house, they examined the room where Sajita had been staying for 11 years.

Due to the appearance of the room, police believed that they were indeed lovers and that they had been living together.

The couple were summoned to court, where they were granted permission to live together.

Rahman and Sajita returned to their rented home and are free to live a normal life after 11 years of secrecy.

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