Netizens say Albino Pakistani Man is Donald Trump Lookalike

A video of an albino Pakistani ice cream man singing has gone viral, with netizens saying he is a Donald Trump lookalike.

Netizens say Albino Pakistani Man is Donald Trump Lookalike f

"Donald moved to Pakistan?"

An albino Pakistani man is making waves on social media due to his likeness to former US President Donald Trump.

The unnamed ice cream vendor was spotted on the streets of Sahiwal in Punjab.

The man is said to be in his mid-40s and has albinism, which causes a complete or partial absence of pigment melanin in the skin, hair and eyes, leaving him with strikingly blonde hair.

He was seen singing while he served ice creams.

He is seen standing by his ice cream cart, singing the ingredients to his products as a unique way to make sales, tempting locals over to his stand.

The short video went viral, with several netizens commented that the man looked like Donald Trump.

One person said: “Trump’s youngest brother.”

Another asked: “Donald moved to Pakistan?”

Some people also pointed out the ice cream man’s hand gestures, saying that they closely resemble Trump’s mannerisms.

According to Columbia University’s research, when speaking publicly, Trump employs gestures and “body language to effectively convey his message, emotions and influence other people’s emotions”.

Other netizens disagreed with the Trump comparisons, claiming the albino Pakistani man looked more like Boris Johnson’s father Stanley Johnson.

A user commented: “Looks more like Boris Johnson’s dad Stanley than Donald Trump.”

Another simply said: “Stanley Johnson.”

However, some people were quick to say that the comparisons were insulting to the ice cream vendor.

One person said: “That is a huge insult for this poor ice cream man.”

Others were more impressed by the man’s singing, rather than his likeness, stating that his voice is deserving of more attention.

Imran Malik said: “His voice is soulful – he’s an artist.

“He seems to fascinate everyone on the streets not because of selling ice cream but because of his incredible singing.

“This man should have been rocking the stage rather than selling ice cream.”

Azam Khan agreed, adding: “He has set an example for all of us – this is how you do good to others by working dedicatedly.”

One person praised his unique sales techniques while out in the sun, considering his albinism, saying:

“How he is selling ice cream in this heat while suffering from albinism – it tends to affect such patient quickly.”

Due to having very pale skin, people with albinism tend to burn easily in the sun.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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