How a Student bought £180k Dream Home on Her Own

A 20-year-old university student bought her dream £180,000 house on her own with no help. She has now revealed how she did it.

How a Student bought £180k Dream Home on Her Own f

"You can buy a house with just maintenance money"

A 20-year-old student from Coventry has revealed how she bought her £180,000 dream home on her own with no help.

Sujaana Jeyaratanam, a second-year biomedical science student at Coventry University bought a three-bedroom home in Nuneaton in August 2021.

She has now revealed her tips to students who want to do the same.

Sujaana started an online skincare business on Etsy selling herbal face masks and toners. She uses all-natural ingredients and makes the products at home.

She also earns extra money as a part-time tutor, teaching science and maths to students.

Sujaana worked up to 30 hours, five days a week, using the extra income towards her house deposit.

She explained: “My parents were a big support for my business and always motivated me since I was a child.

“They never said my dreams were too big when others said it was unrealistic.”

But Sujaana says students do not need to work part-time to save up money for a house, revealing that because she lives at home with parents instead of university accommodation, she used most of her student maintenance loan towards her deposit.

She told Coventry Telegraph: “I stayed at home and saved up the maintenance money I got.

“If you save up two years of your maintenance money, you would have enough for a whole house deposit.

“You can buy a house with just maintenance money and you don’t have to work full-time.

“I also saved my tuition money and my side Etsy business.

“There are a lot of things you can do from home to make money, and tutoring is a really easy thing to do as a student.

“It doesn’t cost a lot to set up and there is a demand for private tutors.

“Sometimes people get scared of starting their own business and they think they need a lot of money to do it, but that isn’t the case.”

How a Student bought £180k Dream Home on Her Own

The student has always been passionate about real estate and had a goal of buying her first house by the age of 21.

She was inspired by her late uncle Alexander Lawrence who gave her advice when it came to investing.

Sujaana explained: “I always wanted to get into real estate since I was young, I was inspired by my uncle.

“He started businesses in Sri Lanka at a young age with just a bicycle to get around.

“He became really big in the region, and I always wanted to become like him.

“I had the goal to buy a house at the age of 21 no matter what.

“I did whatever I could and thought of different ways to achieve it, and I did.”

On her advice for students looking to get on the property ladder, Sujaana recommends taking full advantage of student discounts.

She also shops at local mini-marts for a fraction of the cost instead of major supermarkets.

“University students think it’s impossible to buy your home.

“But this is the time in your life where it is possible to gain income and buy a home early.

“There are so many student discounts that students don’t use such as Student Beans and Uni Days.

“People don’t tend to use them because they can’t be bothered to look for the discount codes, you save so much on clothes and shoes – and get freebies sometimes.

“Try and cook yourself rather than buying takeouts.

“Also, I tend to shop in markets for groceries because they are so much cheaper than big supermarkets like Asda.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

Images courtesy of Coventry Telegraph

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