Indian Cousins get Married while Bride is Pregnant

In Bihar, two cousins tied the knot in a temple. It was also discovered that the young woman was pregnant.

Indian Cousins get Married while Bride is Pregnant f

he is seen taking a necklace out of his pocket

A wedding in the Vaishali district of Bihar attracted a lot of attention after two cousins got married in a temple.

It was also found that the young woman was four months pregnant.

The unnamed couple lived in the same village.

According to locals, the young man and woman had been having an illicit relationship for three years.

But on December 22, 2021, a video of their wedding went viral.

The video showed the cousins at a temple. The young man was seen applying vermilion to the bride’s head.

Afterwards, he is seen taking a necklace out of his pocket and putting it around her neck.

Throughout the ceremony, the young man had his phone propped up so he can film the procession.

After getting married, the cousins and now, newlywed couple, rode from the temple on a motorbike.

News of the wedding led to a crowd gathering outside the temple and outside the young man’s home as he returned with his new wife.

The wedding continues to be a talking point of the village, with locals pointing out the fact that the couple are cousins and that the woman is several months pregnant.

Meanwhile, the parents of both knew about the marriage.

However, they did not oppose and have decided to allow the cousins to remain a married couple.

In another wedding case from Bihar, a woman tied the knot in an arranged marriage, but just eight days later, she eloped and married her lover.

It was reported that the woman, Shivani Kumari, had been in a relationship with Uttam Kumar for 10 years.

But when her family found out, they arranged for her to get married to another man. Despite being against the marriage, the Indian woman went through with it.

But two days after getting married, her new husband beat her.

Shivani called her lover and told him what happened.

The assault angered Uttam and he made his way over to her in-law’s house.

Upon reaching the house, Shivani and Uttam spoke. Given that Shivani was at home by herself, they took advantage of the opportunity and fled.

The pair went to a temple and got married.

Following their marriage, the couple uploaded a video of their wedding onto social media.

In the video, Shivani stated that she has married again, this time under her own free will.

She went on to appeal to the district administration, telling them not to harass her lover’s family.
Both Uttam and Shivani’s families are currently searching for them.

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