Indian Cousins killed by Relatives over Love Affair

In Rajasthan, two cousins were allegedly murdered for having an affair. It is believed some of their relatives solicited the killings.

Indian Cousins killed by Relatives over Love Affair f

the cousins were having an affair.

A murder investigation is underway after two Indian cousins were killed.

The incident happened in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and it was reported that the cousins were having an affair.

Three suspects have been arrested while the main accused, Shankar Patel, remains on the run.

However, it is believed that some family members solicited the double murder.

On July 17, 2022, Ramesh met with his cousin Kavita and they were set to travel somewhere by train. But their plans changed when Kavita wanted to visit a temple.

Instead, they travelled on a motorbike.

But the suspects knew about this and were waiting nearby in a car.

As soon as the cousins rode out of Luni Station Road, the suspects drove into them, killing them.

It was initially seen as a road accident but family members said it was deliberate.

Police investigated and discovered that Shankar Patel, Rakesh Mali, Rakesh Suthar and Sohan Patel had hatched a murder plot.

Commissioner Ravidutt Gaur said that the four accused were friends.

Ramesh Mali was driving the car and the reason for the double killing was that the cousins were having an affair.

It was also found that on July 13, 2022, the suspects unsuccessfully tried to kill Ramesh.

Weapons, including a hockey stick and baseball bat, were found inside the vehicle.

During questioning, the arrested suspects said that Ramesh was the main target. They said that if the collision did not kill him, they would have beaten him with the weapons.

Despite the arrests, Ramesh’s brother Ashok alleged that some family members are involved.

He told officers that he believes some relatives had solicited the murder because how would the killers know where the two lovers were.

Ashok also questioned how the killers knew about the last-minute plans to travel by motorbike instead of train.

Police have subsequently taken Ramesh’s wife in for questioning.

Ashok explained that he and Ramesh were studying while their two other brothers were farmers.

He said that Ramesh also helped children in their village with their studies.

Ashok said his brother had been selected for the Rajasthan Eligibility Examination for Teacher (REET), however, the exam was cancelled.

Ramesh was also selected to be a Village Development Officer.

Ashok says that Ramesh also used to motivate him to study.

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