Indian Lovers who were Cousins commit Suicide

Two Indian lovers from Uttar Pradesh tragically took their own lives. During the investigation, it was revealed that they were cousins.

Indian Lovers who were Cousins commit Suicide f

Although they were cousins, they had been in a relationship

On Wednesday, April 22, 2020, two Indian lovers were found dead, having taken their own lives.

The incident happened in a village in the Etah district of Uttar Pradesh.

Their bodies were found hanging from a tree. It was revealed that they were cousins as well as lovers.

A candle and a canopy of vermilion near their bodies. Police believe that they took the marital rituals on board before taking their own lives.

The matter came to light when some of the children living in the village went outside to tend to the goats.

However, they saw the bodies of a young man and woman hanging from a tree, frightening them. They ran into their homes, screaming about what they had witnessed.

Villagers gathered at the scene and identified the bodies.

Meanwhile, the police were called. Officers proceeded to initiate the legal process by taking down the bodies from the tree.

During the investigation, the deceased were under the age of 18.

Both studied at the same school. Although they were cousins, they had been in a relationship for some time.

The father of one of the deceased explained that both of them were in the house the night before. They then went out and never returned.

The father said that he did not know where they went.

Meanwhile, the villagers have claimed that the deaths were not the result of suicide but murder. They have said that it was a case of honour killing due to the families not approving of their relationship.

However, Etah Superintendent of Police Sunil Kumar Singh said that it does not look like an honour killing.

The bodies were sent for a post-mortem. SP Singh went on to say that the truth will be known once a thorough investigation has been conducted and the post-mortem results have been revealed.

In a similar case of Indian lovers committing suicide, a sister-in-law discovered a tragedy at her home.

On the night of the double suicide, the young woman’s parents were out. Taking advantage of the situation, she called her boyfriend Rupan Paswan over to the house.

The woman’s sister-in-law was at the house and was sleeping. However, she woke up when she heard that someone had entered the house.

The concerned woman went to her sister-in-law’s room and tried to open the door but she could not enter as the door had been locked from the inside.

She then started alerting the neighbours who quickly arrived.

Upon hearing the noises, the lovers used a scarf to hang themselves. The sister-in-law soon realised what had happened.

The police were called and they arrived at the scene. Officers broke down the door and found the two bodies.

The two deceased people were sent for a post-mortem while a case of unnatural death was registered.

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