Fiza Ali gets Trolled over her Dance Video

Fiza Ali recently posted a dance video on Instagram. However, the video led to many netizens trolling her.

Fiza Ali gets Trolled over her Dance Video f

“Now, she wants to get famous for her weird dance videos.”

Fiza Ali treated her followers on Instagram with a captivating dance video that has been making waves.

In the video, Fiza can be seen showcasing her impeccable dance skills as she flawlessly executes signature Michael Jackson moves.

Donning an exquisite Western outfit, Fiza exuded elegance and style at every step.

She opted for a stunning black top that perfectly complemented her high-rise wide-leg jeans. It created a chic and sophisticated look.

Adding a touch of flair to her attire, Fiza adorned herself with a stylish black cap, completing her ensemble with finesse.

The dance video was captured in the comfort of her own room.

As the video continued to garner attention and admiration from viewers, Fiza’s dance prowess shone through, leaving a lasting impression on all who watched.

Some loved her dance moves, with users commenting “wow” and “amazing”.

However, the dance video has stirred up quite a storm among her fan base. It has elicited mixed reactions and sparked a wave of criticism.

Disappointed fans have expressed their discontent with the frequency of Fiza’s dance video posts.

They accused her of inundating their feeds with an excessive number of dance-related content.

Among the barrage of negative comments, some fans have resorted to harsh criticism and trolling.


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They took aim at Fiza’s dance skills and made unflattering comments about her.

One disgruntled user went as far as to dub her “Cycle Jackson”.

Adding insult to injury, another social media user sarcastically labelled Fiza Ali as the “Pakistani Michael Jackson”.

It further diminished the authenticity and originality of her dance style.

One user remarked: “Now, she wants to get famous for her weird dance videos.”

In addition to the mockery of her dance moves, some users resorted to making derogatory comments about her body.

One person said: “Her figure and body look so stiff.”

Another commented:

“She looks so bad. She is old now and this does not suit her at all.”

A user questioned: “Wasn’t she crying on a Ramadan transmission not even a month ago? Was that just seasonal religiousness?”

One suggested: “Fiza, have you ever considered taking a social media break? It might prove beneficial for you.”

Another asked: “Is she okay? What has happened to her behaviour lately?”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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