Fiza Ali criticised for her Qawwali Performance

Fiza Ali has recently been subjected to criticism for her Qawwali performance during her Ramadan transmission.

Fiza Ali criticised for her Qawwali Video Performance f

“It looks so weird. Her sitting like that with a bunch of men.”

Fiza Ali received flak for her Qawwali video.

She is currently gracing television screens as the host of the regular Ramadan transmission, Noor-e-Ramadan, on 24 News HD.

Throughout the Ramadan transmission, Fiza Ali has been sharing various aspects of her spiritual journey, including her recitation of Naats.

Recently, she shared a video of her version of the Qawwali ‘Tu Kuja Man Kuja’ during an Iftar transmission.

Collaborating with a Qawwali band, Fiza delivered the song with dedication.

She showcased her strong vocals and active participation by clapping along.

However, despite her efforts, Fiza Ali’s Qawwali recitation received mixed reviews from fans.

Many expressed dissatisfaction with her style and approach.

Criticism was directed towards Fiza Ali for what some perceived as an inappropriate execution of the Qawwali.

Additionally, fans raised concerns about Fiza’s choice of sitting among a male group.

A user commented: “It looks so weird. Her sitting like that with a bunch of men.”

Another said: “This goes completely against what this transmission is about.”

Another dissatisfaction among fans was the belief that Fiza’s Qawwali recitation did not meet the standards expected in such spiritual performances.

Some argued that attempting to perform Qawwali without adequate knowledge or training was unnecessary.

They believed that it could lead to misrepresentation of the art form.

One person said: “Unacceptable. She doesn’t know the ABC of Qawwali.”

Another wrote: “I hope one day she realises her mistakes and begs pardon from God.”

One commented: “Qawwali doesn’t suit you. Stick to your average songs.”

Fans emphasised the importance of condemning such actions and deemed them inappropriate and unacceptable.

One of the points of contention among fans was Fiza Ali’s attire.

While she wore a pink dress, her head covering was deemed inadequate by many.

Critics argued that proper adherence to modesty should be observed, especially when engaging in spiritual recitations such as Qawalis.

One said: “The dupatta is barely there on her head.

“In fact, we can see all her hair as well as her hairstyle that she clearly put so much effort in.”

“Oh, and not to mention she is wearing long extensions which are also prohibited.”

Another asked: “What should we say now?

“Do we really have to teach a grown woman how to cover her head? Especially when she is on a Ramadan transmission?

“It is so obvious that you recited Qawwali for clout and money. You’re more focused on how you look and sound instead of embracing the spiritual meaning behind Qawwali.”


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