Fans spot similarities between Ranbir Kapoor & Atif Aslam’s Kids

Atif Aslam recently revealed his daughter’s face, leading to fans spotting a resemblance to Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s daughter Raha.

Fans spot similarities between Ranbir Kapoor & Atif Aslam’s Kids f

“I thought it was Raha.”

Atif Aslam, the acclaimed Pakistani singer, recently celebrated his daughter Haleema’s first birthday.

He shared photos on social media. It was the first time he had revealed Haleema’s face online.

This inadvertently sparked a delightful comparison between her and Raha, the daughter of Bollywood stars Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor.

The photos quickly spread across social media platforms in both India and Pakistan.

The viral picture of Haleema, showcasing her innocent gaze, resonated deeply with netizens.

Fans of both the Pakistani singer and the Bollywood couple expressed their admiration.

They were also quick to observe the striking resemblance between Haleema and Raha, leading to an influx of comparison posts.

Both girls possess an undeniable charm and share uncanny similarities, prompting conversations that transcend geographical boundaries.

Comments flooded in, celebrating the innocence and beauty of these young star kids.

A user wrote: “I thought it was Raha.”

Another said: “Raha Ranbir? She is so cute!”

One added: “Atif looks like Ranbir here and his daughter looks like Ranbir’s daughter.”

Another commented: “Atif’s daughter is more beautiful.”

Phrases like “divided by borders, united by cuteness” emerged as a common theme, symbolising the shared appreciation for the adorable duo.

Amidst the comparisons, there was a widespread acknowledgement of the inherent beauty found in all children, regardless of their backgrounds.

One said: “Every child is beautiful. Both of them are gorgeous. What’s the point of comparing?”

Another wrote: “Both these babies are adorable in their own place.”

Most users expressed affection and admiration for Haleema and Raha, showcasing the universal appeal of innocence and youth.

Amidst the comparisons, some voiced concerns. They deemed it unnecessary to draw direct parallels between the two infants.

Instead, they advocated for celebrating each child’s uniqueness.

Such comparisons, they argued, could undermine the individuality of Haleema and Raha.

They stressed the importance of appreciating each child’s distinct qualities without pitting them against each other.

This call for respect and inclusivity resonated with many.

One X user commented: “Don’t drag kids into such topics.”

Another asked: “Why do we have to make everyone resemble someone from India? I’m sure both kids are beautiful in their own selves.

One said: “They’re just kids and you’re all going crazy here with comparisons. Spear the children please.”

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