Hira Mani trolled over her Poolside Video

Hira Mani is being trolled after sharing a video of herself lying by poolside, striking poses. Netizens expressed their extreme displeasure.

Hira Mani trolled over her Poolside Video f

“She’s trying to sell her body"

In a recent Instagram post, Pakistani actress Hira Mani shared a video of herself poolside.

In the clip, she can be seen lying beside a pool, showcasing various poses and styles. She wore a black top with her hair down.

Her post left many followers confused, unable to discern the purpose behind the video.

They found it quite strange and did not like it. Consequently, the majority of the feedback she received was negative.

The comments asserted that such actions are prevalent in the showbiz industry. There were even speculations about her motivations.

Netizens expressed strong negative feelings on her video, quickly flooding the comments.

One viewer questioned: “What is she even trying to do?”

Another critical comment read: “Hira Mani should stick to acting, as it is the only area where she excels. This just looks dumb.”

One even said: “She’s trying to sell her body, that is what media is all about.”

Another viewer claimed, “She is trying so hard to find work in movies, making money off the hate she is getting.”

Criticism extended beyond her actions and they even targeted her appearance and choices.

A user remarked: “She can’t get work with that face.”

One bluntly stated: “I think she is high.”

Some criticised her attempt to emulate Western media. They emphasised the disparity between her and the cultural context.

One commented: “She is trying so hard to follow the Western celebrities, not realising they are something completely different.”

A user said: “Girl thinks she’s in an edit.”

A comment highlighted: “This is a grown-up woman, a woman with kids, and she is trying to act half her age.”

However, amidst the negative feedback, there were also some supportive comments from viewers who defended Hira Mani.


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They attributed the criticism to jealousy and showered compliments regarding her appearance.

One person stated: “The people hating are definitely jealous. You look like a goddess.”

Another said: “You look so cool, ma’am.”

One remarked:

“You always look gorgeous. Ignore these haters.”

Another commented: “At least she looks happy. All the haters are clearly miserable.”

Others praised Hira as a seasoned actress and commented on her humility and sweetness despite the hate she received.

Hira Mani has been a subject of hate in the past but has never paid attention to it.

So naturally, people wonder if she posts such things purposely to get some spotlight.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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