Hira Mani talks about her Marriage Struggles

Hira Mani opened up about her marriage to Salman Saqib Sheikh and admitted that the first year was full of struggles.

Hira Mani talks about her Marriage Struggles f

“I believed that our marriage would not last long.”

Hira Mani is married to Salman Saqib Sheikh, widely known as Mani.

The couple has garnered attention not only for their on-screen performances but also for sharing glimpses of their real-life journey.

Hira Mani is known for her genuine and unfiltered demeanour. In a recent television appearance, she candidly talked about the initial year of her marriage.

Hira was seated alongside her husband. She openly delved into the intricacies of their relationship.

The actress explained that their first year was full of arguments. She talked about a union filled with frequent and intense conflicts.

These details offered viewers an intimate glimpse into her personal life.

The couple seemed poised to shatter the facade of marital perfection that often cloaks public figures.

Hira claimed: “I believed that our marriage would not last long.”

Amid numerous challenges and heated arguments, the couple managed to navigate through the rough patches.

They eventually overcame the hurdles that initially threatened their union.

Today, Hira Mani affirms that their relationship has evolved into a state of happiness. The couple portrayed a successful journey of resilience and mutual understanding.

Public reactions to Hira Mani’s revelation varied.

One user expressed: “Why do celebrities expose their whole life to the world? Some things are better left unsaid.”

Another speculated: “Probably because you stole your best friend’s boyfriend.”

Criticism escalated as some comments accused Hira Mani of personal wrongdoing, with one remark branding her a “Home wrecker!”

Another said: “You deserve all the hate you are getting for breaking your friend’s heart.”

Users linked the stability of the marriage to Hira Mani’s success in the television industry.

One said: “And then Mani compromised because she started getting good dramas.”

Another criticised: “The fights stopped once she started earning money.”

Dismissive sentiments were also prevalent, with one user stating:

“No one cares, we’ve heard this story a hundred times.”

Another expressed weariness: “Hira and her obsession with her marriage. Sick of it.”

Conversely, supportive comments were also there with one user stating:

“Arguments are a part of life. Every couple fights. I’m happy that you guys could work it out.”

Hira’s public revelations continue to elicit a range of responses, showcasing the complexities of navigating personal relationships in public.

This wouldn’t be the first time as Hira Mani is often criticised due to her bold statements and posts.

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