Kubra Khan speaks up against Item Numbers

Kubra Khan recalled an incident that happened to her whilst shooting an item number. The actress claimed that these songs objectify women.

Kubra Khan speaks up against Item Numbers f

“I cried while shooting Dharak Bharak“

In an interview on The Pick and Drop Show, Kubra Khan slammed item numbers whilst sharing her personal experience.

She shed light on the behind-the-scenes story of the item song, ‘Dharak Bharak’.

Expressing her stance against the objectification of women in such dance sequences, she criticised the associated lyrics.

During the interview, she confessed to Yasir Hussain:

“Please forgive me, I committed a mistake. I didn’t know that it was an item song.”

She elaborated that she was initially informed it was a cameo for the film Superstar.

She was told that she would be performing alongside Bilal Ashraf, which would be a positive move for her career.

However, upon reaching the set, she realised the nature of the song and questioned her decision, saying:

“Why am I here?”

The actress expressed regret for not being aware of the song’s nature when she agreed to it.

Kubra Khan went on to disclose uncomfortable aspects of the filming process.

She recounted being questioned about the size of the ghagra choli.

They asked her: “How high can we go with the ghagra”

To which she replied: “Not high.”

She was also asked to wear a strapless top which she refused.

The outfit she was compelled to wear was a backless and sleeveless tight blouse, a departure from her personal preferences.

Kubra highlighted the compromises she felt compelled to make due to the movie’s demands.

She narrated a distressing scene where boys whistled at her during an entry sequence.

Kubra said: “Boys were whistling on me, I cried while shooting Dharak Bharak, item number is the idea of objectification.”

Kubra Khan’s fans sympathised with her.

One said: “I respect you for handling it with dignity.”

Another wrote: “Can’t imagine how traumatised you must have felt.”

Others had varying opinions, claiming she always had a choice.

One claimed: “I mean if you REALLY did not want to do it, you had the choice to walk out.”

Another commented: “She’s a grown woman, no one can force her to dance when she doesn’t want to.

“But she did it anyway for money and fame.”

One said: “First these celebrities partake in all the dirty stuff then they come and cry about it in front of the public just so they would come off as innocent.”

Kubra Khan is known for her compelling performances and undeniable charm.

She possesses a unique blend of talent, beauty, and versatility that has garnered her acclaim both in Pakistan and beyond.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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