Hira Mani trolled over ‘Fake’ Accent during Interview

Pakistani TV actress Hira Mani appeared on BBC Asian Network, however, her attempt at English resulted in trolling.

Hira Mani trolled over 'Fake' Accent during Interview f

Hira Mani was subjected to trolling due to her sudden accent change during an interview.

The Pakistani actress appeared on BBC Asian Network alongside her husband. She shared some glimpses from her time on the radio show.

In the caption, she wrote:

“It’s very rare that someone does an interview in Urdu at the BBC Asian Network!! But I was one of the fortunate ones to be able to do this.”

After welcoming Hira, presenter Noreen Khan explained to the listeners that the actress would prefer to do the interview in Urdu.

Noreen admitted that her Urdu is not the best but it received a compliment from Hira.

Hira briefly spoke in English: “I really want to speak in English but you know I have a fan following, a lot, in my country, in Asian you know, I’m Asian.”

The actress then resumed speaking in her native language.

However, her brief attempt at English led to trolling, specifically her accent change.

Many mocked her robotic voice, stating that Hira’s voice sounded exactly like Siri.

One person said: “This new Siri update sounds amazing.”

Another wrote: “She is talking in italics.”

Some were reminded of Ahsan Khan’s accent. The actor was once trolled for putting on a British accent whilst giving an interview.

A Twitter user asked: “Is she also a British-Asian actor who works here and there as well?”

Another said:

“Everyone’s Pakistani until they go abroad. Then they’re Asian.”

A third commented: “Fake British accent in a foreign country activated.”

Laughing at her robotic accent, one said:

“She spoke like a Chinese Bluetooth speaker.”

One angry netizen commented: “Just accept that you don’t know English, we really don’t care if you speak Urdu or English, just speak something sensible but you always have to say something insensitive and stupid. Too ignorant tbh.”

Hira later responded to the trolls, saying:

“I speak in Urdu because my fans can better understand what I am trying to convey in Urdu.”

Hira Mani has been in the UK for some time but she has had a mixed response.

She previously performed at Wembley Arena as part of Jashan-e-Azaadi.

Hira experienced an awkward moment when she tried to encourage the audience to sing along to ‘Ja Tujhe Maaf Kiya’ from her drama series Do Bol.

While Hira seemed enthusiastic, the crowd were not so keen. Instead of singing, they jeered.

She restarted the song, and then put her microphone in the air but was met with silence.

This annoyed Hira, who told the crowd that she will stop singing if they will not join in. Her ultimatum did not change the crowd’s mind.

Hira later responded to the audience, saying:

“Whatever cleverness you guys will show, we will do what we want. We still love you.”

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