Ushna Shah slams Trolls who mocked ‘Fake’ Accent

TV actress Ushna Shah has criticised the trolls who have mocked her accent, accusing her of deliberately putting it on.

Ushna Shah slams Trolls who mocked 'Fake' Accent f

"You all are a bunch of bullies and this is abuse"

Ushna Shah’s unique accent has been a talking point for some social media users.

However, some believe the actress is faking the accent and are trolling her for it.

Now, Ushna has taken to Twitter to give a befitting reply to the “bullies”.

In a tweet, Ushna explained that she grew up in Canada and was educated there. Her time in the country resulted in her accent changing.

She wrote: “Having spent my formative years i.e all of grade school, most of high school and then uni in Canada, and then consciously downplaying my accent while in Pakistan.

“I’m still accused of faking a ‘foreign accent’. You all are a bunch of bullies and this is abuse FYI.”

The actress’ angry response led Twitter users to empathise with her.

Some users shared their own similar experiences.

One said: “Unfortunately it’s a weird kind of inferiority complex.

“People in Pakistan would kill to live in the West but at the same time have this weird hatred towards anything remotely Western too.”

Another wrote: “After moving back to Pakistan from the US, my daughter deliberately downplayed and ultimately got rid of her accent just to fit in.

“Even a teacher in middle school made fun of her as K* from America. This is not funny, it’s bullying and can be very traumatic for a teenager.”

Other people advised Ushna Shah to ignore the haters.

One person said:

“They will find another reason to hate you because their jealousy knows no bounds.”

Ushna previously criticised people who say TV actors promote “vulgarity”.

The actress tweeted: “Every Pakistani with morals and ethics who finds acting and actors inferior, who thinks we spread ‘fahashi’ (vulgarity) should promptly get rid of their TV (or any channel that shows content that isn’t preaching Islam) and get off social media immediately!”

Ushna Shah, who has never shied away from sharing her opinions, called for the sexualisation of women to stop in May 2021.

Her comments come in response to a TikTok video from Tizzyent. In the video, he reacts to a man asking whether a woman’s clothes are appropriate.

The woman is a teacher who is wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Tizzyent responds to the man’s question and asks what he means by “is this appropriate for school?”

Tizzyent then turned the tables on the man and pointed out that someone took a video of the woman without her consent.

He asked: “How about we talk about the fact that this woman is trying to educate children and do her job and she has some fool sexualising her?

“How about we normalise not sexualising a woman for having attributes that we desire? How about that?”

Ushna Shah reposted the video and said that if Tizzyent came to Pakistan, “his head would implode from the sexualisation of women”.

She then told men to listen to him.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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