Ushna Shah hits back at Trolls criticising Bridal Lehenga

Ushna Shah got married to golfer Hamza Amin but was criticised for her choice of wedding attire. She has now hit back at the haters.

Ushna Shah hits back at Trolls criticising Wedding Lehenga f

"To those who have a problem with my dress, you weren’t invited"

Ushna Shah has hit back at those who criticised her wedding outfit.

The actress tied the knot with golfer Hamza Amin in a daytime ceremony in Karachi in front of family and friends.

For the wedding, Ushna opted for a red lehenga choli with silver embellishments. She wore an embroidered waist belt and a golden matha patti.

Her statement jewellery, bangles and a sleek bun were coupled with classic red lipstick to complete her bridal look.

Meanwhile, Hamza wore an ivory and gold sherwani.

Although Ushna looked like a beautiful bride, some social media users were not happy with her for wearing a lehenga, saying she was incorporating Indian culture.

Ushna Shah hits back at Trolls criticising Wedding Lehenga

One user said: “Pakistanis have their own cultures and religion. Stop trying to import Indian cultures in Pakistan.

“We’re Muslims and our religion doesn’t allow us to wear this kind of stuff. Stop spreading negativity.”

Another tweeted: “Why have Pakistani brides started dressing up in such Indian styles? This is not our culture!!”

A third said: “They are fooling people by promoting Indian culture in the name of Pakistani culture.

“We shouldn’t tolerate it as it spoils our own culture, traditional values and religious values as well.”

Some took issue with Ushna’s exposed midriff while others were unhappy with the actress dancing.

Ushna Shah hits back at Trolls criticising Wedding Lehenga 3

Ushna Shah responded to the haters and told them to mind their own business.

In an Instagram Story, Ushna shared her henna-covered hand and wrote:

“(I’m) Mrs Amin. To those who have a problem with my dress, you weren’t invited, nor did you pay for the shade of my red.

“My jewellery and my jora (are) purely Pakistani. My heart, however, is half Austrian.”

Ushna Shah hits back at Trolls criticising Wedding Lehenga 2

Ushna also hit back at one of her guests for bringing a photographer and a drone to capture moments she wanted to share only with her family.

Naming and shaming the blogger, Ushna said:

“I am disgusted and feel violated. AB Lakhany, of Moovyshoovy was invited out of obligation as I have known him for years and he happened to be at the office where we were designing invitations.

“His invite said strictly no plus one.

“He was then sent a memo along with other guests to not record personal moments, especially the nikah.”

“Not only did he bring a plus one, he brought a photographer without permission [and] lied to my family that I had allowed this.

“That photographer then sent exclusive unapproved photos to various [media] portals.”

Ushna went on to reveal that he also brought a drone and “snuck” it into her private ceremony and filmed the signing of the marriage register, leaving her “in tears”.

She added: “This man has no principles, no ethics and no business being hired for anything.

“[I] invited him out of courtesy and he showed none. I am absolutely repulsed.”

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