Ushna Shah reacts to Trolls who criticised her ‘Brown’ Hands

TV actress Ushna Shah responded to the trolls who criticised the skin colour of her hands, following a post from her holiday.

Ushna Shah reacts to Trolls who criticised her 'Brown' Hands f


Ushna Shah angrily reacted to social media users who criticised her skin colour.

The Pakistani actress had been on holiday in Austria and she took to Instagram to share glimpses of her trip.

Ushna posted pictures of historic landmarks as well as a few pictures of herself.

She captioned her post: “I got to see some European history. They got to see a brown person.”

While many of her fans loved the pictures, some people turned their attention to one picture of Ushna holding an ice cream.

Ushna Shah reacts to Trolls who criticised her 'Brown' Hands

Internet trolls claimed her hand was darker in skin tone compared to her face and posted cruel comments about them.

The haters called them “dark” and told her to get her to apply makeup on her hands so they appear lighter.

One person mockingly said: “Everything else is fine ma’am but maybe you forgot to apply a filter on the picture with the cone, your hand looks lovely.”

Another said: “Sister, you should apply makeup on your hands too, they’re very dark.”

An angry Ushna Shah responded to the trolls by reposting the same picture and writing:

“The amount of nonsense comments from my fellow brown-skinned Pakistanis about the colour of my hands in this picture.

“I drive, I walk in the sun, I am tanned. I am a BROWN PERSON.”

She went on to call out those who continue to believe that fairer skin tones are considered beautiful.

Ushna added:

“My beautiful brown skin tanned hands look amazing with my pink nails why would I hide or filter [them].”

“Leave the servitude of the British, it’s been a long time to 1947.”

Ushna Shah reacts to Trolls who criticised her 'Brown' Hands 2

This is not the first time Ushna Shah has lashed out at trolls.

Her unique accent has been the subject of criticism for some social media users.

Ushna has a Canadian accent with a Pakistani twang. However, some people believe she is faking the accent.

Ushna responded to the “bullies”, explaining that she grew up in Canada and was educated there. Her time in the country resulted in her accent changing.

She wrote: “Having spent my formative years i.e all of grade school, most of high school and then uni in Canada, and then consciously downplaying my accent while in Pakistan.

“I’m still accused of faking a ‘foreign accent’. You all are a bunch of bullies and this is abuse FYI.”

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