AP Dhillon breaks silence on Guitar Smashing Stunt at Coachella

AP Dhillon faced backlash for smashing his guitar during his Coachella performance. He has now broken his silence on the matter.

AP Dhillon breaks silence on Guitar Smashing Stunt at Coachella f

“The media is controlled and I’m out of control.”

AP Dhillon addressed the backlash he received for smashing a guitar at Coachella.

The singer performed at the well-known music festival on April 14, 2024.

He performed ‘Brown Munde’ and honoured the late Sidhu Moose Wala but one aspect garnered a lot of attention.

During a dramatic part of the show, AP destroyed his metallic gold ESP LTD Kirk Hammett V guitar.

The moment was not appreciated by fans, who criticised AP Dhillon for his actions.

One said: “The guitar that has provided you with life, love, peace, success, and respect – you end up breaking it! Not cool at all.”

Another wrote: “Pop artists break guitars to look cool.

“They try to imitate rock/metal artists not realising that they break their guitars out of the adrenaline rush and intensity of playing the instrument.”

AP Dhillon has since responded to the backlash and appeared to justify his actions by seemingly comparing himself to late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

He wrote: “The media is controlled and I’m out of control.”

But instead of silencing critics, it appeared that AP’s reply only fanned the flames, with one saying:

“No, you can’t compare your act with Kurt the Legend Cobain. He played pure rock and grunge with some badass riffs!

“Whereas you played some basic G family chords with capo on the 3rd fret! There’s a difference. Moreover, one should never forget their roots.”

Another agreed: “All the people you are talking about in the last clip are rockstars, they sing rock and it’s pretty normal there.

“You aren’t a rock singer, so don’t behave [like] one and don’t be a wannabe.

“First, bring your music to that level and then do the things others are doing. Seriously such a lame excuse to justify your act.”

Some suggested that he should have given away or auctioned off the guitar while one person mentioned Sidhu Moose Wala, commenting:

“But Sidhu Moose Wala would have also respected the musical instruments, being an artist, if he was here to see this.”

“So before making loose statements like ‘media is controlled’, you better learn some good manners and values, buddy. God bless.”

Mocking his caption, one said: “What a cringe caption lol.”

Another accused AP Dhillon of showing disrespect.

“You’re justifying wrong things brother. Are you even remembering your culture of how we treat musical instruments?

“That guitar was the one you held for your show and it produced the vibration you wanted.

“After that destroying it was the coolest thing? This is an act of a fool.

“A true musician loves his instruments more than music.

“Show some respect, accept it and apologise to yourself, not to us. All we can see is your graph going down. If music gave you the fame, at least learn to respect it.”

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