Is AP Dhillon & Banita Sandhu’s Relationship a Publicity Stunt?

Recent Instagram photos of AP Dhillon and Banita Sandhu have sparked relationship rumours, with some netizens suspecting a PR stunt.

Is AP Dhillon & Banita Sandhu’s Relationship a Publicity Stunt? - f-2

"How much did Amazon Prime pay you?"

AP Dhillon and Banita Sandhu are the newest celebrity couple whose relationship is grabbing headlines.

Their rumoured romantic involvement has recently ignited a storm of curiosity and scepticism.

Banita Sandhu, known for her roles in acclaimed films, recently took a step to confirm the status of her relationship with AP Dhillon.

She shared a series of candid snapshots on her Instagram handle, showcasing the pair in intimate moments.

The images quickly went viral, with fans and followers pouring in to share their opinions.

However, the reaction wasn’t what one might expect.

As the pictures surfaced, fans swarmed the comment section, expressing their doubts about the authenticity of the relationship.

A snapshot from a paparazzi video further fuelled the speculation, prompting netizens to question the genuineness of their bond.

A prevailing sentiment among commenters suggested that the couple might be embracing a public relations strategy rather than an actual romance.

One commenter revealed: “I live in another country and very closely know his actual girlfriend.

“They’re your everyday loved-up, normal couple.”

These remarks underscored the viewpoint that the viral imagery might be part of a PR campaign.

Is AP Dhillon & Banita Sandhu’s Relationship a Publicity Stunt? - 1Others echoed similar sentiments, pondering whether such an elaborate act was necessary for publicity.

Even more intriguing are allegations that the timing of the relationship announcement could be linked to Amazon Prime’s recent release of the docuseries titled AP Dhillon: First Of A Kind.

One Instagram user wrote: “How much did Amazon Prime pay you guys to hype all this…

“Is it a coincidence that you guys announced the relationship just when Amazon released the series about AP??”

Another user wrote: “When you guys break up, will you take down the video from everywhere?”

Is AP Dhillon & Banita Sandhu’s Relationship a Publicity Stunt? - 2Interestingly, in a new interview with Bollywood Hungama, amid the release of his documentary, AP Dhillon was asked if he and his friends are single.

With a laugh, the Punjabi singer said: “We are married to the game.”

When pressed further, AP Dhillon shrugged, hinting that he was indeed single.

AP Dhillon and Banita Sandhu were first rumoured to be dating after the release of his music video ‘With You’ that featured both of them.

It shows them sharing intimate, adorable moments on a trip to Italy.

The clips are shot on each other’s phones and show them sharing kisses, cuddling and dancing in beautiful locations.

Amid this controversy, AP Dhillon took centre stage as he hosted a preview event for his upcoming docuseries.

Prominent figures from Bollywood graced the occasion, adding to the intrigue surrounding the singer’s personal life.

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

Images courtesy of Instagram.

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