AP Dhillon Slept on Suitcases on his First Night in Canada

AP Dhillon recalled his early days as an immigrant in Canada and how he was denied entry into a hotel as he did not have a credit card.

AP Dhillon Slept on Suitcases on his First Night in Canada - f

"You don’t look like a homeless person?"

Canadian singer AP Dhillon became an overnight sensation in the Punjabi music industry with his 2020 song ‘Brown Munde’.

However, the singer-rapper had his share of struggles before stepping foot into showbiz.

In a recent interview, the singer recalled the time when he was denied a hotel room as he did not own a credit card.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, AP Dhillon recalled spending a long night on the streets after he was denied a hotel room:

“I had two suitcases. I put them on the ground and tried to sleep on them.

“There was this brown girl, she came to me and said, ‘Yo, you don’t look like a homeless person? Why are you sleeping like this?’

“I told her the story. Then she went to her boyfriend or fiance I don’t remember, and said, ‘Yo, give this guy your credit card.’

“And I remember that guy telling me, ‘Bro, please don’t steal anything, break anything’.”

He continued: “There are good people out there. At the end of the episode, I thought if we don’t bring each other up, then who will?”

In other news, AP Dhillon continues to grab headlines for his rumoured romantic involvement with Banita Sandhu.

Banita recently shared a series of candid snapshots on her Instagram handle, showcasing the pair in intimate moments.

The images quickly went viral, with fans and followers pouring in to share their opinions.

However, the reaction wasn’t what one might expect.

As the pictures surfaced, fans swarmed the comment section, expressing their doubts about the authenticity of the relationship.

A snapshot from a paparazzi video further fuelled the speculation, prompting netizens to question the genuineness of their bond.

A prevailing sentiment among commenters suggested that the couple might be embracing a public relations strategy rather than an actual romance.

One commenter revealed: “I live in another country and very closely know his actual girlfriend.

“They’re your everyday loved-up, normal couple.”

These remarks underscored the viewpoint that the viral imagery might be part of a PR campaign.

Others echoed similar sentiments, pondering whether such an elaborate act was necessary for publicity.

Even more intriguing are allegations that the timing of the relationship announcement could be linked to Amazon Prime’s recent release of the docuseries titled AP Dhillon: First Of A Kind.

One Instagram user wrote: “How much did Amazon Prime pay you guys to hype all this…

“Is it a coincidence that you guys announced the relationship just when Amazon released the series about AP??”

Another user wrote: “When you guys break up, will you take down the video from everywhere?”

Produced by PASSION Pictures in association with Wild Sheep Content and Run-Up Records, AP Dhillon: First of a Kind is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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