Amir Khan regrets claiming Anthony Joshua slept with Wife

Amir Khan has expressed his regret after accusing Anthony Joshua of sleeping with his wife Faryal, admitting that he lost a friend.

Amir Khan regrets claiming Anthony Joshua slept with Wife f

"I lost a good friend through that."

Amir Khan admits he lost a friend in Anthony Joshua after accusing him of sleeping with his wife Faryal Makhdoom.

In 2017, Amir had a bizarre Twitter rant in which he labelled his wife as a “golddigger” and accused Joshua of sleeping with her.

Amir claimed he would divorce Faryal, tweeting:

“Left my family and friends for this Faryal. I’m not hurt but another fighter. I’m making it public. You getting the divorce.”

Amir also welcomed Anthony Joshua to have his “leftovers” before later deleting the tweets.

On Gary Neville’s The Overlap, Amir Khan revealed that he has not spoken to Joshua since the outburst.

He said: “I was going through a bit of a mad time myself.

“I wanted to leave my wife. I had the problem with Anthony Joshua which I felt really bad for because at the end of the day I put him in the firing line for no reason.

“He was a friend of mine and since then we’ve never spoken, so I lost a good friend through that.

“The guy did nothing wrong and I kind of stuck it on him.

“What happened was, me and my wife were not talking.

“She sent a message saying ‘look at so many fighters messaging me’ and because she showed me a message of Anthony Joshua saying hi to her or something, I lost it.

“I said ‘Who the hell’s he, saying hi to my wife’, even though he was cool with me.

“Maybe he was just being respectful, all he was was being respectful.

“Nothing ever happened. I just flipped out on everyone.

“And all my mates were, ‘Are you mad, you just tweeted something’.

“But he’s a nice guy. Even his own personal friends were calling me. I was like ‘No, don’t want to talk to you guys’.”

Anthony Joshua denied the affair claims by tweeting a video from Shaggy’s song ‘It Wasn’t Me’.

A fan asked if there was any truth to the rumours, to which Joshua jokingly replied:

“Honestly I didn’t. With all the accusations around my name, I wish I did”.

Amir and his wife got back together several months after the Twitter outburst. He said he was becoming a “bad person” at the time.

He insisted: “I became too selfish. I started making a lot of mistakes.

“I started turning nasty – becoming a bad person really.

“It was never me and I was never happy with myself doing all this stuff. I was really upset deep down. I was hurt and I was in a very, very bad position at that time.”

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