Amir Khan reveals Losing £5m through ‘Silly Investments’

Amir Khan opened up on how he lost £5 million through “silly investments” and the effect it had on him as well as how he bounced back.

Amir Khan reveals Losing £5m through 'Silly Investments' f

“I’ve had massive [mental health] problems."

Amir Khan has revealed how he lost £5 million through “silly investments” but bounced back thanks to his wife Faryal Makhdoom.

The ex-boxer’s success in and out of the ring earned him millions of pounds.

But Amir spoke about his recklessness with money in 2016.

Speaking on Gary Neville’s The Overlap, Amir admitted he was suffering from injury.

This, coupled with his failed investments, led to serious mental health struggles.

Amir said: “Mental health is a very big thing and it’s good that people start talking about it, because mental health problems have happened to the best of us, like Tyson Fury and other fighters.

“I’ve had massive [mental health] problems.

“Back in 2016, I had a big fallout with my wife.

“I didn’t box – two years out the ring, put on weight, and was not happy with myself.

“I don’t know what it was – I had a hand operation, and I went back to training, and it was still hurting me.

“I had to get another operation on it, and another one – I had three operations on it before it was alright. I really thought that I was never going to fight again.

“That put me on a downer, knowing that I’m at the peak of my career, but I can’t fight.”

“At that time, I made some silly investments which were not paying me back. I’m thinking, how am I going to live my life?”

Amir and Faryal married in 2013 and briefly split in 2017 before reconciling later that year.

He said Faryal was a key figure in preventing similar financial mistakes in his business ventures, having previously set up restaurants, a shisha bar and a coffee bar.

Amir said: “I lost £5 million through different investments, which was at the same time as my hand operation, so you can imagine the spiral I was heading into – I’d lost a load of money and I couldn’t box because of my hand.

“I built a wedding hall in Bolton, which cost around £12 million.

“Someone took advantage of me whilst I was boxing and in training camp and caught me at a time when I kept saying yes to everything.

“What helped me was getting my wife involved as she started to scrutinise every little detail.

“I had fallen out with everyone at that time – I didn’t have my family around me, no manager and no one to support me.”

As of 2022, Amir Khan is believed to be worth around £34 million.

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