Fraudster Zahid Khan losing £750,000 Home while On the Run

Convicted fraudster Zahid Khan, who has since left the UK and gone on the run, is set to have his £750,000 home in Moseley repossessed.

Fraudster Zahid Khan losing £750,000 Home while On the Run f

"As I'm no longer in UK I don't see the point of having a Union flag"

Zahid Khan, aged 31, who was convicted for fraud in December 2018, is set to have his £750,000 home in Moseley, Birmingham, repossessed.

He claimed that it was due to falling into mortgage arrears worth £15,000.

It was heard that Khan, who fled to Dubai, had until the end of April 2019 to clear out his property in Yardley Wood Road.

The case to repossess the property was presented before Birmingham County Court on March 20, 2019.

Khan said: “My house has been taken for not making mortgage payments.

“I’ve been given 28 days to empty the property. Over 15k arrears late payments of mortgage.”

Khan has since had the Union Jack flags removed from the flagpoles outside his home and replaced them with the flags of the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

He said: “New life new flags. As I’m no longer in UK I don’t see the point of having a Union flag so it’s been replaced with United Arab Emirates flag.”

Fraudster Zahid Khan losing £750,000 Home while On the Run 3

Khan previously stated that he was putting up the luxury home for rent.

The CCTV-fitted property boasts six bedrooms, three bathrooms, a cinema, a heated swimming pool, jacuzzi and steam room. It also features a gated entrance.

Fraudster Zahid Khan losing £750,000 Home while On the Run

Khan was the ringleader of a gang which ran a number plate scam worth £500,000.

He, his two brothers and his cousin fraudulently obtained DVLA documents which allowed them to transfer ownership of high-value number plates without the owner’s knowledge.

They pressured a car salesman to hand over the details of the actual owners.

Khan pretended to be the owner and contacted the DVLA and claimed that he had lost the log book.

After receiving the log book, Khan claimed ownership of the number plates by naming himself or one of his family members as the ‘grantee’ on the document.

Fraudster Zahid Khan losing £750,000 Home while On the Run 2

One number plate was sold to an unaware customer for £85,000.

Khan fled the country and went to Dubai before his fraud trial came to an end. He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in his absence.

He boarded a plane after being allowed to keep his passport during the trial.

Hours after leaving the country, Khan made a video directed at Judge Philip Parker QC saying:

“Sorry I had no choice.”

Khan claimed he left the country as he had not had a fair trial.

“I am making this video to let you know I am very sorry, I did not want to do what I did, but I felt like I had no other choice.”

“Had I stayed in the UK, I was not having no justice and the only safest option I had was to leave this country.”

His two brothers and cousin were jailed for their part in the scam.

Both Khan and his brother Aamir Khan were previously convicted and each received 30-month sentences for smuggling illegal immigrants into the UK.

Despite being found guilty, Zahid Khan continues to claim that there was an injustice against him throughout the trial. He made an extensive video on his Facebook page.

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