Indian Husband kills Wife demanding Rs 100 from Her

Indian husband Jagsir Singh Basidpur has been arrested for the murder of his wife Karamjit Kaur after she refused to give him Rs 100 for drugs.

Indian Husband kills Wife demanding Rs 100 from Her f

Jasgir started to bang her head savagely against the wall

A murder of a wife in the district of Ferozpur in Punjab has been committed for the cost of a mere Rs 100 (£1.10).

The incident took place in the village of Bajidpur, where, Jagsir Singh Basidpur, a drug addict, demanded the money from his wife, Karamjit Kaur, aged 27, to buy drugs. But when she refused, she was killed by him and his friends.

Manpreet Singh, her brother, who travelled from the village Pippli, attended his sister’s postmortem.

He told the media that his sister married Jagsir seven years ago. They have two daughters and a son.

Jagsir was working as a labourer for two days per week and then went on to work in the furnaces at a brick company, making bricks.

Manpreet said Jagsir became addicted to drugs and began to spend all of his earnings from his job on drugs. Leaving nothing for his wife or children.

Karamjit frequently got into arguments with Jasgir and wanted to stop him from doing drugs as she could see he was ruining and wasting his life.

She could not bear to see him this way but Jasgir would retaliate and beat her for trying to stop him.

On Sunday, April 14, 2019, Jasgir and two of his friends who were also drug users turned up at their home.

Jasgir started to ask for money of Karamjit to feed his drug habit. He said he wanted Rs 100.

Upon her refusal, he did not take it well, he became very violent and started to hit her non-stop, aided by his friends.

Then he pushed Karamjit towards the wall and Jasgir started to bang her head savagely against the wall until she collapsed and died from the injuries inflicted on her.

Immediately, after realising she was dead, Jasgir and his two friends fled from the home and crime scene.

Neighbours subsequently reported the matter to police after hearing the noise in the household and finding Karamjit.

Punjab police officer, Gurjant Singh, revealed that following an investigation into the murder, his team have since arrested the husband, Jagsir Singh Basidpur. The other two men will be remanded in custody as well.

A case has been registered against Jasgir for the murder of his wife.

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