Indian Wife kills Herself after Husband didn’t Eat with Her

In a tragic incident, an Indian wife from Uttar Pradesh took her own life after her husband did not eat with her.

Indian Wife kills Herself after Husband didn't Eat with Her

This resulted in the quarrel becoming more heated.

A police investigation is underway after an Indian wife took her own life.

The tragic incident happened in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

It is believed that the woman committed suicide after her husband did not eat with her.

Shivam Saxena and his wife Jhalak lived in a flat situated on the fourth floor of an apartment block.

It was reported that Shivam got into an argument with his 22-year-old wife over their mealtime.

Jhalak wanted to have dinner with her husband, but Shivam refused, saying he wanted to sit and relax for a while.

This resulted in the quarrel becoming more heated.

Afterwards, Shivam left the room to go to the bathroom.

While Shivam dismissed and moved on from the argument, his refusal to have food with his wife left her extremely upset.

While her husband was in the bathroom, the Indian wife decided to take the extreme step.

Shivam realised what happened after hearing a loud scream. He then called the police.

Police officers arrived at the scene and determined that Jhalak died on the spot. They then sent the body for a post-mortem.

Although no allegations were made in relation to what led to the suicide, officers have launched an investigation.

Officers are currently speaking to family members, including Jhalak’s auntie, who lives in the same apartment block.

Superintendent of Police Sanjay Kumar said that after receiving more information, further action will be taken.

In India, there have been numerous incidents of people taking their own lives after arguing with their spouses.

In one case, a scientist committed suicide after an argument with his wife.

The scientist was identified as Anuj Tripathi. He worked in the biochemistry department at the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Trombay, Mumbai.

Police registered a case of accidental death and said that the incident took place at Anu Shakti Nagar, a residential complex meant for BARC employees.

Senior Inspector Siddeshwar Gove said that the 37-year-old had a row with his wife Saroj on January 28, 2021, at around 9:30 am over the feeding of their children.

It was believed that the argument was the reason for his suicide due to it taking place shortly after the row.

Officers said that at around 10:50 am, the scientist took his own life.

Inspector Gove added that no suicide note was found.

Anuj was rushed to the BARC hospital with the help of his neighbours, however, he was pronounced dead before admission.

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