Indian Wife ‘gang-raped’ Herself to Stop Husband Drinking

In a bizarre incident, an Indian wife from Gujarat ‘gang-raped’ herself in an attempt to stop her husband’s drinking habits.

Indian Wife 'gang raped' Herself to Stop Husband Drinking f

he and four other men grabbed her and raped her.

An Indian wife alleged that she was gang-raped by five men when she went out looking for her husband. However, her allegations turned out to be false.

She said she was gang-raped in a bid to stop her husband’s drinking.

The incident took place in the Patelwadi area of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

The matter came to light when a women’s helpline received a call on February 21, 2020. A passer-by had found the woman and later called the helpline at 9:49 am.

Representatives from the helpline arrived in the area at 10:05 am. Meanwhile, a crowd soon gathered.

They found the woman crying. After calming her down they asked what happened. The woman said that her husband had been missing for two days.

On February 20, the unnamed woman heard that her husband would be at a local bar. She went there, however, he was not there.

She asked the staff where her husband was, they said he would be at the bar in the evening.

Later that evening, the woman went to the bar but once again, her husband was not there.

As she looked for him, a man approached her and claimed that he could help find the woman’s husband.

Under the pretext of helping her, he took her to a room where he and four other men grabbed her and raped her.

The woman told the helpline staff that she was locked inside the room for the entire night before she was able to find a way out.

After making her way out, she sat down and started crying. At that point, a passer-by called the helpline.

After explaining her ordeal, the helpline staff took the woman to Mahidharpura Police Station so that she could record her statement.

The helpline staff told the police that the Indian wife had been gang-raped by five people.

However, when the police asked her to narrate her series of events, the woman admitted making up the story.

She revealed that she was not gang-raped by five men.

The woman explained that she came up with a false story in a bid to stop her husband’s drinking.

She said that her husband was an alcoholic. The woman had tried numerous time to stop him drinking, but he continued.

The woman said that she fabricated the rape story in an attempt to make her husband change his ways after seeing the horrific ordeal his wife supposedly went through.

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