Indian Wife urges Police to Stop Husband’s Arranged Marriage

An Indian wife turned up at a police station in Bihar, urging officers to stop her husband’s imminent arranged marriage to another woman.

Indian Wife urges Police to Stop Husband's Arranged Marriage f

They soon decided to get married.

An Indian wife has pleaded with the police to stop her husband’s imminent arranged marriage.

The incident happened in Samastipur, Bihar.

The woman turned up at the police station, stating that her husband is getting married to a woman on April 5, 2023. She urged them to stop the wedding.

Gunjan Kumari explained that her family had arranged her marriage to 26-year-old Bablu Kumar in 2021.

The pair exchanged phone numbers and frequently spoke, growing closer.

However, the families broke off the marriage arrangement due to a dowry issue.

Despite this, Gunjan and Bablu remained in touch and had a secret relationship. They soon decided to get married.

Gunjan ran away with Bablu and they got married on March 9, 2021.

She went to live with him and his family, however, they beat her. Despite the abuse, the Indian wife continued to live with her in-laws.

Gunjan was then harassed for dowry.

Due to the constant harassment, she returned to her maternal home.

She continued to live with her parents whilst still being married to Bablu for two years.

Gunjan eventually discovered that a marriage had been arranged between Bablu and another woman. Upon learning this, Gunjan went to the police station in a bid to get officers to stop the wedding from happening.

Officers confirmed that the Indian wife had lodged an application.

She urged officers to take action within two hours but was told it would take some time to investigate.

But Gunjan continued to demand immediate action, stating that she had been married to Bablu for two years and showing officers pictures from their wedding.

Bablu’s family members found out about Gunjan’s actions and turned up at the police station.

They claimed that Bablu was forced to get married to Gunjan.

When they found out about the marriage, they told Gunjan to leave their home and never return.

According to Bablu’s family, after Gunjan returned to her maternal home, she and Bablu remained in touch for around a week.

Afterwards, they stopped speaking.

The demands to stop the arranged marriage and the forced marriage allegations have left the police confused as to what they should do.

There have been a number of incidents where arranged marriages have caused issues.

In one case, an Indian woman had an arranged marriage but just eight days later, she eloped and married her lover.

Shivani Kumari had been in a secret relationship with Uttam Kumar for 10 years.

But when her family found out, they arranged a wedding and pressured her to get married to another man. Despite being against the marriage, the Indian woman went through with it.

But two days after getting married, her new husband beat her.

Shivani called her lover and told him what happened. The assault angered Uttam and he made his way over to her in-law’s house.

Upon reaching the house, Shivani and Uttam spoke. Given that Shivani was at home by herself, they took advantage of the opportunity and fled.

The pair went to a temple and got married.

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