Feroze Khan urges Fans to Leave his Ex-Wife Alone

Feroze Khan has urged his fans to leave his ex-wife Aliza Sultan alone. The pair separated due to domestic abuse allegations.

Feroze Khan urges Fans to Leave his Ex-Wife Alone f

"It would be great if my people make it easier for her"

Feroze Khan has come to the defence of his ex-wife Aliza Sultan after his fans began to give her a hard time on her social media.

The actor said that no matter what had happened between him and Aliza, it was in the past and it should be left alone.

He went on to say that he hoped his fans would support his request.

Feroze tweeted: “I would request my fans to leave Aliza alone.

“Whatever happened was between us and there’s nothing between us now.

“It would be great if my people make it easier for her to support and bring her back to ease. Thank you! No more hate people!”

One fan was quick to question why they should pay heed to his request, replying:

“You want us to support her and bring her to ease, but she never showed that grace to you.

“She tarnished your reputation and name forever.

“I commend your growth and wish you the best.”

Feroze responded: “Maybe she did in her own time. Let the merciful be merciful, why interfere again?”

However, some commentators questioned his motives behind the tweet and said that nobody would believe him, labelling him as a manipulator.

One said: “He is such a master manipulator. And people still side with this pos [piece of s**t] abuser.”

Another wrote: “Lol, who is hating her? We don’t like Feroze.”

Another comment read: “Do you think you have a huge number of fans who blindly obey you? Please grow up.”

The duo married in March 2018 and share two children, a son and a daughter.

In September 2021, Aliza publicly announced on her Instagram page that she had decided to separate from her husband.

She revealed that her three-year marriage was nothing short of chaotic and that she was the victim of “continuous physical and psychological violence, infidelity, blackmail and degradation”.

Aliza also stated that she wanted to shield her young children from a toxic environment.

She claimed that Feroze had physically abused her and gave evidence to the District and Sessions Court in Karachi.

The evidence included images of bruising which were allegedly caused by Feroze.

A medico-legal examination was also conducted at the Postgraduate Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC), and the report was handed to the court.

The reports agreed that there was bruising on Aliza’s body, including her arms, and waist, which was coherent with the claims of physical abuse.

Feroze Khan later responded to the accusations, calling them “baseless”.

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