Ainy Jaffri hits out at Ageist Remarks

After Ainy Jaffri faced ageist remarks following her appearance at Wimbledon, the actress fired back at the hater.

Ainy Jaffri hits out at Ageist Remarks f

"if I feel the desire to do something to my face later I will do it."

Ainy Jaffri has hit out at ageist remarks after she became the subject of a troll following her time at Wimbledon.

The actress posted pictures of herself at the tennis tournament but she came under fire for her supposedly different appearance.

One troll asked: “What have you done to your face? You used to be so pretty.”

Not one to back down, Jaffri immediately gave a befitting reply to the troll.

She said: “It’s called ageing. I’m older. I have wrinkles and lines and I’m ok with that.

“And just to answer all the questions about what I have done to my face, nothing. I’ve never done anything except for microblading eyebrows.

“Having said that, if I feel the desire to do something to my face later I will do it. My face, my business.”

Jaffri went on to call the comment ridiculous.

Fans were quick to come to her aid and call out the troll on their insensitive comment.

One fan wrote: “What a disgusting comment to make to another human. Ainy you are a beautiful soul from the inside and out.”

Another commented: “Hello, it’s called being real and ageing gracefully.

“We seriously have become so obsessed with artificial beauty that we have forgotten what it really looks like to age naturally.”

The troll quickly retracted her comment and apologised to the actress, stating that she did not mean to cause offence and that she was merely shocked at the latest photos.

The user said: “It didn’t mean to be trolling, the picture came to me as a surprise, I used to follow you on Dreamers. Your whole persona to me has changed.

“I am sorry to hurt you. Sincere apologies.”

Jaffri gracefully accepted the apology.

“Thank you for your apology. That’s kind of you.”

Ainy Jaffri is a well-known personality in the drama industry who has appeared in projects such as Aseer Zadi and Sila.

She has also made a mark in the film industry with appearances in films such as Balu Mahi.

On the work front, she is set to feature in an Indian film titled Coke.

The film will also star Siddhant Kapoor.

Calling for politics and art to be separated, Jaffri said:

“I humbly believe art should have no politics or boundaries but alas the political situation, as we all well know, is extremely complicated.”

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