Ainy Jaffri weighs in on Abusive Relationships

In a recent podcast, Ainy Jaffri expressed her opinion on abusive relationships, encouraging women to break the cycles.

Ainy Jaffri weighs in on Abusive Relationships f

"Once an abuser, always an abuser."

In a recent podcast, Ainy Jaffri delivered a passionate plea regarding the issue of women trapped in abusive relationships.

With a tone of urgency, Ainy stressed that it’s not just a matter of choice for women to leave abusive partners.

She stated that it is a fundamental necessity for their safety and well-being.

Her words carried the weight of experience and wisdom as she bluntly stated:

“If your husband, boyfriend, or any man in your life lays a hand on you or inflicts any form of torment, understand this: he will never change.”

Her stark warning rang deeply, as she emphasised:

“Once an abuser, always an abuser.

“You cannot fix him. It is not your responsibility.”

Ainy tried to shatter the myth that it’s a woman’s duty to reform her abusive partner, asserting firmly:

“You are not his mother, and he is not a child. Do not carry the burden of his actions.”

In a society where victim-blaming is rampant, her words provided a beacon of hope for women’s empowerment.

She reminded them that they have the right to demand respect and dignity in their relationships.

She also said that women should not compromise their safety or self-worth.

Ainy went further to highlight the role of upbringing in shaping a person’s behaviour, saying:

“It is the duty of a man’s mother to instil in him the values of respect and empathy towards women.”


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She called upon mothers to raise their sons to be allies in the fight against gender-based violence.

The video clip of Ainy Jaffri’s impassioned speech went viral on social media.

It ignited conversations and reflections on the prevalence of abuse and the urgent need for societal change.

One person said: “She is absolutely right. We need more women like her to speak up.”

Another wrote:

“Women go through so much; I am so glad she gave us this message.”

One commented: “A very strong message for mothers.

“Raise your son the way you would like to be treated so other women don’t have to go through this just because you did not teach him anything.”

A user stated: “Pakistanis think that women are rehabilitation centres for badly raised men!”

Ainy Jaffri’s message is inspiring women to break the cycles of abuse and seek help.

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