Bushra Ansari responds to Ageist Remarks

Bushra Ansari, who recently starred in Tere Bin, has responded to the ageist remarks she has been subjected to.

Bushra Ansari responds to Ageist Remarks f

"I am 67 and I am fine with it"

Bushra Ansari has responded to ageist remarks made towards her.

She has recently been seen in Tere Bin, playing Maa Begum.

Ansari recently appeared on a talk show where she revealed her age and spoke about ageism. She told host Maliha Rehman that she does not take notice of age-related comments.

She said: “I think people target your age when they find nothing else to talk about you.

“I don’t mind hearing about age. It’s not a taunt for me.

“I am 67 and I am fine with it, when I was 27 I played an old lady aged 60 in Angan Tehra.

“I’m proud of my age, if I am 67 and I look 57, I am happy about it.”

Bushra Ansari also spoke about the risks of cosmetic surgery and revealed that if she considered going under the knife, she would turn to fellow actress Shaista Lodhi who is also a doctor and has her own clinic.

Ansari stated: “You need support at a certain age like I get the necessary cosmetic procedures from Shaista Lodhi and I don’t want to overdo any procedure.

“People say that I have done lip fillers but I apply my lipstick very cleverly, I make an outline and fill it with a lighter shade, my lips are really thin.”

She went on to say she had skin tightening injections which last only a couple of months and that she did not want to change her face too much as she still desires to look like herself.

Ansari spoke about her grief over the fact that many young girls opted for cosmetic surgery when they do not require it.

The actress added that such treatment should be left for when you reach a certain age.

The recent interview portrayed the confidence of the veteran actor as she openly discussed her age, a topic most actors don’t like to talk about, and all the procedures she has had done.

Bushra Ansari has been part of many hit drama serials, portraying a wide range of characters and gaining much love and popularity.

Some of her titles include Neeli Dhoop, Zebaish, Tere Bin and Udaari.

She gained popularity as Saima Chaudry in the acclaimed Baraat series.

The series includes Kis Ki Aayegi Baraat, Azar Ki Ayegi Baraat, Dolly Ki Ayegi Baraat, Takkay Ki Ayegi Baraat and Annie Ki Ayegi Baraat.

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