Bushra Ansari talks about Lack of thought behind Naming Dramas

Bushra Ansari discussed the titles of Pakistani dramas, claiming a lack of thought goes into titling modern shows.

Bushra Ansari responds to Ageist Remarks f

"Now, we see shallow titles"

Renowned Pakistani artist Bushra Ansari has criticised the “shallow” titles of contemporary dramas.

She highlighted a stark contrast between the titles of current dramas and those of older Pakistani dramas.

According to Bushra, producers in the past paid attention to the titles.

She stated that the producers were always ensuring they reflected the essence of the story, characters and emotions.

Thereby, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. She lamented the decline in meaningful titles in contemporary dramas.

Bushra remarked: “In our era, titles were meaningful, resonating with the story’s essence.

“Now, we see shallow titles like Bechari Tanno, Bad Naseeb, Allah Mari, Kalmoohi, Muje Talaq Chahyea and Muje Talaq Ho Gai.

“In contrast, older dramas had beautiful titles like Mahe Kinan, Zingar, Tanhayan, Ankahi, Dhoop Kinare and Aina.”

Bushra questioned the lack of creativity in modern drama titles, wondering if producers had exhausted the words in the dictionary.

She shared an anecdote where people asked her about the meaning of ‘Zebaish’, a word she assumed to be commonly known.

She was surprised to find it unfamiliar to many.

In addition to her critique of contemporary dramas, she reminisced about her late colleague and co-actor Hassam Qazi.

Hassam Qazi tragically passed away from a cardiac arrest at 43.

She fondly recalled their shared memories, highlighting Hassam’s talent and the impact of his untimely demise on the industry.

Bushra Ansari’s candid remarks have sparked conversations about the evolution of Pakistani dramas and the importance of thoughtful storytelling.

One netizen commented: “Not just the title but also the entire storyline. Pakistani dramas had a great storyline in the past compared to what we get now.”

Another said:

“She is right. It seems like they don’t put enough effort anymore. Everything has become a shortcut.”

Many viewers have echoed her sentiments, expressing a desire for more meaningful and creative titles in contemporary productions.

Bushra Ansari is known for her versatile talents in acting, writing and hosting.

She gained widespread acclaim for her portrayal as Maa Begum in the hit drama serial Tere Bin.

Her comedic skills have also earned her immense praise.

In recent times, Bushra Ansari has been vocal about her opinions on various topics through her YouTube channel.

She often shares short videos expressing her views.

Her insights serve as a reminder of the enduring influence of Pakistani dramas and the need for innovation in storytelling.

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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