Kajol shares her Views on Sexuality in Lust Stories 2

Following the release of Lust Stories 2, Kajol shared her views on sexuality in the Netflix anthology film.

Kajol shares her Views on Sexuality in Lust Stories 2 f

"What is your idea of right and wrong?”

Kajol has excited her fans with her part in Netflix’s Lust Stories 2.

In an interview, she opened up about the anthology film as well as the connotations of lust, desire, and sexuality in Indian cinema.

She also went on to highlight what lust truly is and the typical approach towards sexuality, which left fans questioning their own beliefs about lust.

Kajol explained: “The film represents four completely different points of view on what lust actually means.

“You are left thinking, hey, could this be right? Could it be wrong? What is your idea of right and wrong?”

She stated that lust is typically compared with sexuality but Lust Stories 2 showcases conventional notions in a bid to raise awareness about what lust really is.

In Lust Stories 2, Kajol plays a woman in an unhappy marriage. Meanwhile, her husband (Kumud Mishra) shows feelings towards their maid.

Mishra spoke about why he believes he is chosen for the role.

Referring to human nature around lust, he said:

“There are all different characters except that one operative word.”

He went on to state that art was an important aspect in highlighting meaningful discussions about such subjects.

Kajol agreed with her co-star’s comment and spoke about the need for normalising conversations about sex and relationships.

Kajol said: “Somewhere down the line, progress has happened because everybody is beginning to see the world as they see it.”

Director Amit Sharma shared his fear surrounding the potential rejection of Lust Stories 2 in conservative cities but revealed that it gained much popularity and attention.

He explained: “They told me that people were reluctant to watch the film with their parents.

“Yet, when it actually came out, Ahmedabad was number one in collections.”

Kajol will next be seen in The Trial, which is set to be released on Disney+ Hotstar in July 2023.

Sharing her love for this new chapter of her career, Kajol said:

“We are in a fabulous phase now where it does not matter what your chest measurements are or whether your nose is the perfect size.

“I love where I am today as an actor. Don’t want to be running around trees no more.”

Lust Stories 2 boasts a compelling breakthrough in Indian cinema with its depiction of lust, desire and relationships.

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