Uorfi Javed hits out at Sonali Kulkarni’s ‘Lazy Women’ Remarks

After Sonali Kulkarni controversially labelled Indian women “lazy” and “demanding”, Uorfi Javed hit back at the actress.

Uorfi Javed hits out at Sonali Kulkarni's 'Lazy Women' Remarks f

"You’re too entitled to see that may be."

Uorfi Javed hit back at Sonali Kulkarni’s controversial comments about Indian women.

The actress caused controversy during an interview with Bhupenddra Singh Raathore when she criticised Indian women.

Sonali said she wanted to “cry” for her brothers, her husband and other men in society who are pressured to start earning at a young age.

Slamming women, Sonali said: “In India, we, at times, forget that a lot of women are just lazy.

“They want a boyfriend/husband, who earns well, owns a house, and his performance at work guarantees regular increments.

“But, in the middle of this, women forget to make a stand for themselves. Women don’t know what will they do.

“I urge everyone to encourage women and make them self-dependent.

“So that they are capable enough to share the household expenses with their partners.”

Sonali’s comments caused outrage and Uorfi Javed hit back at the actress.

Uorfi reposted the clip from the interview and labelled Sonali “insensitive” and “entitled”.

She tweeted: “How insensitive, whatever you said!

“You’re calling modern-day women lazy when they are handling their work as well as household chores together?

“What’s wrong in wanting a husband whose earning good?

“Men for centuries only saw women as child vending machines and yes the main reason for marriage – dowry.

“Ladies don’t be afraid to ask or demand. Yes you’re right women should work but that’s a privilege that not everyone gets. You’re too entitled to see that may be.”

Sonali’s comments were slammed by several others.

Author Paromita Bardoloi said: “Who can give such statements that women are lazy, if not a privileged upper caste woman?

“Look at women in this country. The amount of unpaid labour women do almost feels criminal.

“She needs to read the Govt data on what women go through in this country. Sit down, Miss Kulkarni.”

Singer Sona Mohapatra agreed with Paromita’s statement and wrote:

“True and truly sad. Check the matrimonial columns-wanted, good looking, educated, earning, ‘homely’; take care of in-laws, Hh duties and hand over monthly salary type of ads. Double whammy.

“The ‘insight’ she has is lazy and should have been qualified such – ‘in my circles’.”

Stand-up comedian Kajol Srinivasan added: “I’m not sharing Sonali Kulkarni’s trash video, but it really angers me.

“You can’t call all women lazy when the gender equality balance is so skewed.

“Yes there are women who want to marry wealthy. But most women in this country aren’t given education or the freedom to work.”

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