The Joys of Desi Married Life

Ever increasing diversities within marriages are becoming hugely popular and widely appreciated. As intricate and beautiful as Nakshi Kantha needlecraft, separate cultures are seamlessly sewn together by inspiring British Asian couples.

The Joys of Desi Married Life

“She is my real chutney … ooh … chilli too!”

From the drumming of the dhol in the magnificent wedding procession to the delicate melodies of a bansuri flute, both love marriages and arranged ones have their merits.

New ideas from couples honouring their separate cultures work rhythmically as flowing as the old Bharatanatyam dance.

The alluring red lehenga draped bride will break a clay pot after her suave Jewish groom breaks a glass.

Depictions of Apsaras from the Khajuraho temple show what beauties lay beneath the tempting silk saree.

This is just one of the pleasures for a Desi married man to eagerly unravel. Both historical and current marriages have sexual happiness as integral as staples of rice or flour.

The Joys of Desi Married Life

A showering of support falls gently like rose petals over the newlyweds, aromatically leaving lasting bonds.

The traditions of old are neatly appliqued in with modern day life creating a harmonious patchwork of cotton and golden brocades side by side. Mismatched at times, yet providing effective cushioning in cold economic times.

Financial support from parents and in laws allows the new homeowners to really get their teeth into decorating. While creating a paradise of their own new desires are painted playfully against the walls.

Carefully handcrafted wooden artefacts adorn the shelves. Flowing curves in delicate hues of brown.

Burning incense of lotus and sandalwood distract from one type of ornament to another.

Namarata, 26, says: “We have created our own Gujarat inspired Gira waterfall at home. This is a place we can happily dive into.”

The Joys of Desi Married Life

Within the tropical grasslands of marriage there is a variety of beasts waiting in stealth to find not prey but happiness.

The husband enters as the majestic Samber deer of the room to stand mighty, his suit as proud a hide as any wild beast.

His doe is busy to tend to their children with ulterior motives, ready to pounce with painted hooves. Those whispered temptations that force him to speedily read bedtime stories are just the beginning.

Within a household of extended family such a night may need taming to private quarters. Yet looking after children becomes a greater shared task.

Delicious and strictly for devouring, the versatile gorgeously green coriander is tossed into the blender as she would her husband.

The Joys of Desi Married Life

Fortunately salads and dressings need to be made for the guests before he unfastens her intricately embroidered, yet backless jewelled kundan saree blouse.

28 year old Imran, says: “She is my real chutney … ooh … chilli too!” He comments being so delighted with his parent’s choice of partner for him.

Steaming and seductively lighted by the allure of the jasmine and vanilla candle, husband Raj prepares a loving bath for Leela.

With his chiselled abs and toned v- line exposed purposely to arouse her. Leela, 33, says: “Raj is as hot now as when I saw him topless at fresher’s week.”

Changing times also present changing attitudes as increasingly married couples are opting to have only one or no children.

The freedom of complete privacy and endless romantic getaways quite the mouth-watering appetiser for years of spicy indulgence in a well appreciated loving relationship:

The Joys of Desi Married Life

“I was weary of getting married having Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy but one glance at Serena wearing her blue silk lehenga and I fly out of my chair every time,” 34-year-old Arayan says with a Cheshire cat smile.

As the heart needs igniting, one hot chilli personality can work its magic to sensualise carnal desires.

Whatever the choice may be to invigorate the sex life or to rekindle fond memories, there are plenty different masala combinations to suit each and every British Asian bedroom palate.

The Joys of Desi Married Life

All types of marriages including love and arranged need the couples involved to persevere at maintaining it.

Many different aspects: love, sex, communication, home, work, money, leisure and more, are cog wheels in a watch, dependent on each other to produce the majestic chime that is a happy marriage.

It may appear as sweet as a Rasmalai with added nutty toppings in chaotic family life, whatever your take there is far more than just joys in marriage.

The joys are only the lifting of a dug duggi rattle where each holder will play differently.

Noori whilst being disabled has a vested interest in creative writing. Her writing style delivers subject matters in a unique and descriptive way. Her favourite quotation: “Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass” ~ Chekhov.

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