Armeena Khan urges People to Stop Smoking amid COVID-19

Actress Armeena Khan has informed her fans about the dangers of smoking during the COVID-19 pandemic as she urges people to quit.

Armeena Khan urges People to Stop Smoking amid COVID-19 f

"Pls use this opportunity to quit.”

Renowned Pakistani actress Armeena Khan has requested people to quit smoking amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, the world is fighting against the spread of the Coronavirus as many countries are practising social-distancing and lockdowns.

It has also been revealed those who smoke are at a higher risk of the virus.

Armeena Khan took to Twitter to share the warning given by the World Health Organisation. She tweeted:

“Smoking can increase your chances of getting the #Covid19. Pls use this opportunity to quit.”

Previously, Armeena shared her dream with her fan following. She posted: “I’m washing my hands in my dreams too now.”

The importance of quitting smoking has also been emphasised by professions. Locum GP and Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Warwick Medical School, Dr James Gill said:

“Smoking is a significant risk factor for Coronavirus infections and, in fact, infections generally.

“There are many interlocking factors as to why smoking reduces the body’s ability to fight an infection – from the ability to get oxygen from blood to tissues, through to the increased levels of carbon monoxide in the blood.

“Possibly one of the biggest reasons smokers are at increased risk of respiratory infections is the impairment and death of the cilia in the airways and lungs.

“People can make a huge difference contribution to their own protection against COVID-19 by stopping smoking – even if it is simply during this pandemic.

“Not only that, if you live with someone who smokes, you will be affected by their smoking.”

Professor of Molecular Medicine Ian Hall, University of Nottingham highlighted that men who smoke are more likely to suffer from COVID-19. He said:

“The most likely explanation for smoking being a risk factor for COVID-19 is that people who smoke are likely to develop chronic lung diseases such as COPD and cardiovascular disease.

“Therefore, are more likely to have the conditions which are known to be associated with poorer outcome from COVID-19.

“Men seeming to be worse affected than women might be partly explained by the fact that men are more likely to have these associated conditions because they historically were more likely to smoke.”

It is imperative strict measures like quitting smoking are adhered too. This will, in turn, decrease the pressure faced by frontline workers. Thanking medical staff across the globe, Armeena Khan said:

“Let’s thank all the medical staff around the world who are currently on the front lines, engaged in what is not less than a full-scale war. They are literally laying down their lives in the line of duty.”

It is time those who smoke consider the increased detrimental effect it can have during this deadly pandemic.

Ayesha is an English graduate with an aesthetic eye. Her fascination lies in sports, fashion and beauty. Also, she does not shy away from controversial subjects. Her motto is: “no two days are the same, that is what makes life worth living.”

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