Armeena Khan breaks down whilst Talking about Gaza

In a video on Instagram, Armeena Khan broke down whilst talking about the plight of premature babies in Gaza.

Armeena Khan breaks down whilst Talking about Gaza f

"I woke up one morning and started living my worst nightmare."

Armeena Khan is one of the many Pakistani celebrities who is raising her voice for the people of Palestine on social media.

She has used her Instagram platform to raise awareness of the events unfolding and continues to urge her followers to do the same.

Recently, Armeena shared a tearful video where she spoke about what premature babies in Gaza are facing.

Armeena admitted that she was emotional because she could not bear the thought of crying babies going unheard.

She captioned the post: “That news about premature babies just wrecked me. My whole life has been turned upside down.

“It’s like I woke up one morning and started living my worst nightmare.

“I try to make the best of both days and help wherever I can but I’m beginning to lose hope in humanity. No money, land, or power is worth this.

“Why is this so hard to understand? I am extremely triggered today because my baby was premature.

“I cannot make any sense of this. I was sitting in the doctor’s surgery when I read this piece of news and believe me when I say this, I bawled like a little child.

“I am sorry if I’m sounding incoherent but that is what my mind is right now.

“I pray for these babies, please God protect them, please bring some miracle.

“Please help these innocent people.

“Please, for the sake of anything you hold dear, have some mercy on these little children, they’ve done nothing wrong.”

Armeena went on to say that she felt broken inside but that she was determined to continue to raise her voice for the children of Gaza.


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Armeena’s emotional post garnered many comments from her followers.

One follower said: “We are all broken, but we must continue to be their voice until there is a free Palestine.”

Another added: “Stay strong. We are all in the same boat. You are spreading awareness and that is what we need at the moment. Bless you.”

A third commented: “Oh darling, it is heartbreaking, especially when we are mothers.

“I can’t watch your post without crying. It is unbelievable and unbearable to watch these atrocities. What is any land worth without its occupants?”

Armeena Khan’s video came after she shared an image of a premature baby lying in an incubator.

This was followed by a doctor’s quote who stated they were forced to leave the children in the hospital and were marched out with guns pointing towards them.

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