Was Munawar Faruqui called ‘Fake’ by his Girlfriend?

Amid Munawar Faruqui and Mannara Chopra’s close friendship on Bigg Boss 17, his girlfriend Nazila Sitaishi shared a cryptic post.

Was Munawar Faruqui called 'Fake' by his Girlfriend f

"Nobody is as pure and morally correct as they pretend to be"

Munawar Faruqui’s girlfriend Nazila Sitaishi shared a cryptic post and it has led fans to wonder if it was a subtle way of calling him fake.

The post comes amid Munawar’s close friendship with Mannara Chopra on Bigg Boss 17.

The pair connected instantly since becoming the first two contestants of the series to be called into the confession room.

As Munawar and Mannara’s friendship blossomed, their fellow contestants started calling them MunAra.

When Mannara was asked to choose a housemate she would go with to prom, she selected Munawar and said:

“I can never reject Munawar.”

This led to some housemates teasing Munawar and stating that his girlfriend would be watching.

Mannara felt awkward and began distancing herself from the comedian.

But they sorted out their differences.

Munawar’s girlfriend Nazila has now shared a cryptic message on Instagram.

The post read: “One thing I wish more people knew is that everything isn’t how it seems online.

“Nobody is as pure and morally correct as they pretend to be, in fact, the reality will take you by surprise.

“This is why they usually say ‘never meet your idols’ because in most cases the way you perceive them is very different from how they actually are so don’t be fooled by what you see online or on TV.”

The post divided social media users.

Some have wondered if Nazila is annoyed by Munawar and Mannara’s close bond.

Others felt Nazila indirectly aimed a dig at her boyfriend, with one person commenting:

“I think she is talking about Munawar. Right now in BB house he is one who is perfect for us.”

“So she is trying to say don’t believe in TV and the internet because people pretend to be perfect but in real life, they are completely different.

“So don’t get fooled.”

Internet users also claimed that Nazila was stating that Munawar and Mannara’s bond was a false narrative.

It is unclear what Nazila’s post was referencing but it has sparked a lot of intrigue on social media.

Was Munawar Faruqui called 'Fake' by his Girlfriend

Munawar Faruqui went public with Nazila shortly after winning Lock Upp.

He shared a picture of them both, calling Nazila ‘Bubby’.

They also attended the Lock Upp party along with other contestants.

Known as ‘Nazilx’ on social media, Nazila is originally from Oman but now lives in Pune.

Her biggest presence is on Instagram, boasting over 820,000 followers.

Meanwhile, on Bigg Boss 17, Munawar Faruqui got emotional while discussing his son.

Revealing that his ex-wife has remarried, he said:

“My ex-wife is married now and I have custody of my son.”

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