The Apprentice Winner Harpreet Kaur reveals Wedding Plans

Harpreet Kaur, winner of The Apprentice 2022, has opened up about her wedding plans to fellow contestant Akshay Thakrar.

The Apprentice Winner Harpreet Kaur reveals Wedding Plans f

"We're looking to get married in June next year."

Harpreet Kaur has revealed her plans for a “big fat Indian wedding” in 2024 with Akshay Thakrar, whom she met on The Apprentice.

The pair were contestants in the 2022 series, which Harpreet went on to win.

After the series ended, they ended up getting into a relationship and in May 2023, they got engaged.

Harpreet and Akshay now look to get married in June 2024.

In addition to winning the £250,000 investment and finding her future husband, Harpreet also became best friends with fellow finalist Kathryn Burn.

Kathryn will be Harpreet’s bridesmaid for her wedding.

Harpreet said: “My best friend is Kathryn, the finalist, she’s going to be my bridesmaid as well.

“I’ve got a best friend, husband and an investment out of The Apprentice.”

The Apprentice Winner Harpreet Kaur reveals Wedding Plans

While the wedding date has been set, Harpreet has been planning several days and outfits in advance.

She exclusively told Yahoo: “We’re looking to get married in June next year. So months of planning ahead.

“Because it’s a big fat Indian wedding: there’s a number of days to plan and a number of outfits I need to plan.

“I’ve just finally ordered dress number one which I’m really excited for.

“We’re trying to keep it quite an intimate do, which is very difficult when you’re Indian, but we’re really looking forward to it.

“I think it’ll be a nice next chapter and again, just something amazing to have blossomed out of this crazy experience that we call The Apprentice.”

Although she will continue to run her dessert business, Harpreet admitted that her focus will be on her wedding.

She elaborated: “I’ve got a lot of my plate for the next six months, planning this wedding, so I think I’ll be focused on that.”

The Apprentice Winner Harpreet Kaur reveals Wedding Plans 2

Speaking about Akshay, Harpreet said:

“Yeah he’s really smart and honestly, I think what’s really nice is we are both very different, so we’re both quite sort of successful in our own right.

“But he operates in a different way to the way I do.

“So I’ve learned a lot from him on how to negotiate a deal or approach something in a way that I wouldn’t have in the past.

“So I learn from him every single day.”

“It is amazing considering he didn’t get the investment on the show. I’m really proud of him and I think hopefully we can continue building together and growing together.”

In August 2023, Harpreet parted ways with Lord Sugar, meaning she and her sister Gurvinder Kaur are in full control of Oh So Yum!

Stating that it was an “amicable decision”, Harpreet and Lord Sugar remain in touch.

She said: “We just got the opportunity to buy back up shares.

“I think that he has given the opportunity to a number of investments in the past or people that he’s invested in it cropped up in our annual meeting.

“And we thought, ‘Ok, whilst we’ve got the opportunity, let’s do it’.

“So it’s gone back to being me and my sister, 50-50. His advisors have still been in touch and in conversation since and they’ve still been helpful since.

“And I think if they ever needed to kind of pick up with Lord Sugar or have a conversation, I’m sure he’d be happy to do so. It’s only been a really good thing.”

On what she learnt from Lord Sugar, Harpreet added:

“The biggest thing I learned from Lord Sugar was if you want something just ask for it, like unashamedly.

“I’m quite an assertive person anyway.

“But going through the experience of working with Lord Sugar for that brief period of time, I’ve just really learned that look, business is business, nothing is personal and it can still be assertive and direct without being rude.

“Because you’re just making it clear, exactly kind of what your expectations are.

“So I think it actually only happened with growing confidence and I thought, ‘Ok, if I can sit at a table with Lord Sugar, surely I can do anything’. Nothing is impossible.”

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