Amir Khan sends Aid to Gaza

Through his AK Foundation charity, Amir Khan is sending aid to Gaza amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Amir Khan sends Aid to Gaza f

"Hopefully, we can get the food and water to Gaza."

Amir Khan is sending aid to Gaza amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine.

The United Nations has been urging for a steady supply of humanitarian assistance to Gaza while also calling for the release of numerous hostages by the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

This came after Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

Israel responded with a complete siege of Gaza, cutting off electricity and water. The nation has also ordered people to evacuate the northern part of the enclave.

As the conflict rages on, Amir Khan will send aid through his AK Foundation charity.

The Bolton News reported that a “man on the ground” is already delivering food and essentials.

The former boxer also shared a link to his charity, urging people to send donations.

Since the crisis unfolded, Amir has shown his support for Palestine.

He said: “I condemn Hamas, but it is also a shame people of Palestine are being killed and starved as well.

“We have got a person on the ground who we have equipped and we got through, but it is a little difficult now. Hopefully, we can get the food and water to Gaza.

“I will go on Instagram and it’s just videos of innocent people being killed and it’s sad.

“More people should raise their voices because people are scared to talk about it so that more people can see what is really going on.”

Amir stated that being vocal was the one thing he could do to help spread the news.

He continued: “It does shock me as well because people who I thought would stand up for this are not saying anything, which has really upset me.

“This war is not going anywhere but its destroying lives and that’s the reason I am talking about it.”

“Perhaps we can start to change people’s views, but the main thing is to put a stop to it.

“This is genocide and I have never seen this happen like this before.”

Amir’s wife Faryal Makhdoom has also shown solidarity with Palestine, having previously suggested that Israeli oppression of Palestinian people had been going on “for years and years and years”.

Faryal also slammed fellow influencers for not having “enough balls” to speak out for Palestine.

Her support has led to threats but she has continued to share pro-Palestine posts.

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