Reddit Users troll ‘Boring’ Janhvi Kapoor over ELLE Cover Shoot

Janhvi Kapoor is the ELLE Digital Cover Star, however, her photoshoot was trolled, with Reddit users labelling her “boring”.

Reddit Users troll 'Boring' Janhvi Kapoor over ELLE Cover Shoot f


“With boring expressions the entire look becomes boring.”

Janhvi Kapoor was subjected to brutal trolling following the release of her photoshoot as the current ELLE Digital Cover Star.

The actress was styled in a selection of elegant and sexy gowns, paired with complimenting hair and makeup.

For one of her looks, Janhvi wowed fans in a golden-hued dress which featured a thigh-high slit.

Alongside it, she opted for a neatly combed, long-braided hairdo and diamond statement earrings.

To complete her look, makeup artist Riviera Lynn decided for Janhvi to have a highlighted foundation base, glittery eyeshadow, winged eyes and glossy lips.

Reddit Users troll 'Boring' Janhvi Kapoor over ELLE Cover Shoot

In another outfit, Janhvi wore a silver shimmery gown which featured a thigh-high slit, accessorised with a statement diamond necklace.

For her final look, Janhvi turned heads in a strapless sequinned gown which was attached to a long trail.

Hair stylist Amit Thakur opted for a messy bun hairdo.

Janhvi added a wow factor to her look with a pair of diamond earrings.

While fans on Instagram loved her look, Reddit users were less than convinced.

Users began a thread called Janhvi Kapoor for Elle Magazine 2023 and trolled her for a number of reasons.

Many pointed out Janhvi’s lacklustre facial expressions, calling her “boring”.

One user said: “With boring expressions the entire look becomes boring.”

Another agreed: “This is a very cookie-cutter type of look and is the kind of bland mediocrity that I’m coming to associate with her.

“I wish she’d experiment a little more and wear the clothes rather than being little more than a clothes horse.”

A third wrote: “She could have tried something different here at least. All these are gowns I can easily see her wearing on the red carpet.”

Reddit Users troll 'Boring' Janhvi Kapoor over ELLE Cover Shoot 3

Some were confused with the photoshoot as the majority of them ooze sex appeal, a huge contrast to her films, which are mostly serious.

A user pointed out: “I don’t get it considering her movie choices. She’s not taking any ‘sexy’ roles, most of her movies are pretty serious crime movies.

“I feel like photo shoots like this confuse the audience and fumble the publicity opportunity.

“That said, she’s allowed to do multiple things – a ‘seductive’ girl can still be very serious and claim the main spotlight.

“But it’s telling that almost all her photo shoots are around a sexy theme when none of her roles are.”

Some Reddit users accused Janhvi Kapoor of copying the styles of other celebrities, such as Kim Kardashian, and not making a fashion statement of her own.

Reddit Users troll 'Boring' Janhvi Kapoor over ELLE Cover Shoot 2

One said:

“Kim Kardashian wannabe when Kim Kardashian herself is the biggest wannabe.”

Another renamed the actress “Janhvi Kardashian Kapoor”.

A comment read: “She is somewhat between a wannabe model and an actress.

“No wonder she gives the Kardashian vibes or tries to be them.”

But some users empathised with the actress and claimed Janhvi may be struggling to find her path due to being overburdened with the pressure of being the daughter of the late Sridevi.

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