Indian Woman asks Reddit for Advice on ‘Boring’ Relationship

An Indian woman took to Reddit to share how her relationship with her boyfriend of 10 years has “lost its spark” and become “boring”.

Indian Woman asks Reddit for Advice on 'Boring' Relationship f

"Life has become very boring and routine-like"

An Indian woman has asked Reddit for advice on her relationship issues, explaining that her relationship with her boyfriend has become “boring”.

On Reddit, the 27-year-old woman explained that she has been with her boyfriend for 10 years and have been living together for three.

Prior to living together, their relationship had been long-distance.

The woman revealed that their relationship has experienced several obstacles.

She said: “All these years we have both struggled a lot with severe mental health issues, my family not accepting him, financial issues, but have held on to each other as support systems and have been madly in love throughout.”

They plan to get married soon but the woman said that the “spark between us has gone missing”.

She continued: “Life has become very boring and routine-like, and it feels as if our honeymoon period is over even before we’re married!

“We love each other, but the romance has died down. We have become so busy in ‘working hard to make a life for ourselves’ that we’ve lost all those little things that I loved so much- our dates, cute gestures, being flirty, feeling giddy with love!”

The Indian woman has spoken to her boyfriend about the issues but he dismissed them, telling her that she is “overthinking”.

She asked: “I want to know if this is normal. Does it happen with everyone? Does romance have an expiry date and after that it just becomes boring?”

The anxious woman added: “I really don’t want to feel this since we’re just about to start a new chapter in our lives and basically have a whole life ahead of us with each other!”

While she detailed her relationship woes, the woman stated that she has no plans to break up with her boyfriend.

Reddit users replied to the woman, with many telling her that relationships have their ups and downs.

One said: “You’re probably comparing your situation with others re spark… You’ve both invested 10 years into your relationship, three years virtually married.

“I wouldn’t expect fireworks in your marriage and unless there are any red flags, the trust and understanding you both have gained over these years are too precious to let go off.”

Others provided ways to rekindle the spark, with one suggesting random activities.

“Do one random thing with him every week. Maybe a random walk in a nearby park, a joy ride to get ice cream, a small game night etc.”

Some advised her to spice things up in the bedroom.

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