American Man asks Reddit for Advice on Indian Girlfriend

An American man has taken to Reddit to ask for advice in relation to his Indian girlfriend. Find out what advice Indians had for him.

Reddit Indian Girlfriend

"I don't know much about Indian culture."

An American man has asked Reddit users to advise him on what he should know before he marries his Indian girlfriend.

He told users that he does not want to miss a chance to impress her parents whom he will be meeting soon.

Even though the meeting was scheduled for early 2020, the pandemic prevented that from happening.

This man has been with his Indian girlfriend for four years after she moved to the US for her studies.

He has now asked for suggestions and information on what he should keep in mind before meeting his future in-laws if all goes well.

He took to Reddit to ask Indians what he should take into account before meeting his girlfriend’s parents.

He wrote: “I know my fiancee, but she’s made a concerted effort to become more American than Indian since moving to the US.

“So I don’t know much about Indian culture. What should I know before marrying her?”

Desi people responded to the man’s plea for advice, filling the comment’s section with heartfelt advice and personal anecdotes.

One user commented: “Indians in general, and women, in particular, have a big place in their lives for family.

“Family meaning not just parents and siblings but also siblings-in-law, uncles, aunts, cousins, their in-laws and so forth.

“Not necessarily a bad thing but can come as a shock for people from other cultures.

“Family is a big part of pretty much every decision: money, buying a car or a home, having children, vacations …”

Another user bluntly stated:

“You don’t marry an Indian woman, you marry the whole f**king tribe.”

One Reddit user told the man on how to act around Desi parents:

“Her family may not be super comfortable dealing with you if they’ve not interacted with many Americans before, but give it time.

“Initially, be respectful to the ‘elders’ and it’ll be fine.

“The younger folk will probably be easier to speak with, you’ll find something (activities, hobbies, tv shows, music) in common.

“Bonus points for learning a few phrases in whatever language they speak at home.”

There have been some negative comments too, but ‘family’ has been the unanimous call among Reddit’s Desi population.

And that is right too. Families play a big role in the lives of Desis that no one can deny.

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