Indian Groom beaten by in-laws after refusing Dowry

In Bihar, an Indian groom was offered to take dowry by his in-laws. However, when he refused, he was brutally beaten by them.

Indian Groom beaten by in-laws after refusing Dowry f

"I don’t need any charity neither I am asking for dowry."

A shocking incident occurred in which an Indian groom was beaten by his in-laws after he refused to take dowry.

The incident took place in Buxar, Bihar, and the assault happened shortly after the wedding was complete.

After Anil Mishra and Rekha Kumari got married, the father-in-law, Upendra, initiated a conversation with him which did not go well. Upendra then started abusing Anil.

It was reported that Upendra had forced his son-in-law to accept a dowry amount but Anil refused.

When Anil refused to accept the money, Upendra and his sons began beating Anil and his family at the venue. It is believed that Upendra was drunk at the time of the attack.

In addition to the assault, the in-laws also stole a gold chain worth Rs 1.5 Lakh (£1,500) as well as gold rings. The windscreen of Anil’s car was also smashed.

The groom and his relatives were left injured but were able to travel to Sadar Hospital for treatment.

Following the assault, Anil said: “He (the accused father-in-law) was giving me money for food. I denied accepting the same since I didn’t need his money.

“I work for my living and even if I earn less, it is satisfactory for me, however, I won’t accept money from anybody.

“I don’t need any charity neither I am asking for dowry.”

Anil explained that he agreed to the marriage after the in-laws confirmed that no money would be exchanged.

“I agreed to the marriage after confirming that no money will be exchanged between parties. I was always against dowry.

“I had just asked my in-laws that they should get their daughter married to me by putting half money from their side and half money will be put from my side.

“Even my parents were in agreement and against any exchange of dowry. Thus, I firmly refused any money on the day of the wedding from my father-in-law.

“I even bought jewellery for my wife worth Rs 6.5 Lakh (£6,500). The gold chain which I purchased is now in possession of my in-laws.

“When I refused to take money, their family, half of them who were drunk, started surrounding me and my family and then thrashed us.

“My father-in-law and brothers-in-law, Amit, Deepak, and Sonu, were not only drunk but had also consumed drugs.”

The Indian groom alleged that children at the wedding were also manhandled by the in-laws.

Anil said his family have not filed an FIR as they currently remain in hospital. He said that once they have been discharged, they will file a case.

Two of Rekha’s family had suffered injuries during the incident.

One witness said that the bride’s family had started the violence.

Dr Amlesh Kumar revealed that two family members had suffered head injuries but were now stable. Four people, including Anil, were injured.

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