Mother spits at Woman during heated Parking Row

A disgusting incident occurred in which a mother-of-three spat at another woman during a heated parking row outside Sainsbury’s.

Mother spits at Woman during heated Parking Row f

"Why do you take the picture? Who cares?"

A shocking video has gone viral of a mother spitting at a woman in front of her three young children during a heated parking row.

The incident happened outside a Sainsbury’s Local, however, it is not known when or where it took place.

The footage was filmed by the victim and it shows the pair arguing in their cars outside the supermarket.

The argument started after the victim accused the mother-of-three of illegally parking into a “no loading bay” and blocking traffic.

In the video, the driver is heard saying: “It blocks all the other cars from coming.”

However, the mother furiously denies doing anything wrong and a row ensues. The victim said she captured the scene on video, to which the woman responded: “I didn’t park there. I was inside my car.”

Even though she was told that she was being filmed, the woman continued arguing and shouting before getting out of her vehicle.

The victim asked her not to approach her car because she was not wearing a face mask.

Instead, the mother walks up to the woman’s window and continues the parking row, shouting:

“Why do you take the picture? Who cares?”

As she continued to get closer, the woman warned: “Mask on. Mask on.”

At that point, the mother spits at the woman through the half-open window, as her children watched.

She calls the victim a “b****” before returning to her car while the victim closes her window.

The video of the parking row was posted anonymously on social media and has been viewed more than 10,000 times.

Unsurprisingly, viewers were disgusted by what they saw.

One person said: “How vile.”

Others pointed out that the world is in the middle of a pandemic and that the mother may have Covid-19 and could have passed it on.

“She could have corona and pass it through spitting.”

“Absolutely disgusting, whether we are in a pandemic or not.”

One angry person called for her to be arrested, saying: “She should be arrested. Disgusting cretin.”

Another pointed out that her children watched the incident unfold, adding:

“Fantastic role model for her children.”

One commented: “No matter how angry I am with someone, I would never ever feel the need to spit. Absolutely disgusting actions from a mother.”

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