Married Indian Teacher used Tinder to Sexually exploit Woman

Married Indian teacher, Parminder Singh, sexually exploited a single woman after he met her on the dating app Tinder in Punjab.

Married Indian Teacher used Tinder to Sexually exploit Woman f

he began to meet her regularly at a hotel in Jalandhar

A married teacher from Jalandhar in Punjab, India, posed as a single person on Tinder to exploit a single woman.

25-year-old, Parminder Singh, known as ‘Sunny’ on the popular dating app set his status as single and started a relationship with the woman.

For four months Sunny exploited the victim in the relationship which turned sexual, under the pretext of marrying her.

Believing him, she was happy to succumb to his wishes and needs.

However, the woman eventually discovered that Parminder Singh was actually married and the father of two children.

At that point, the victim immediately contacted the police.

She told police that in February 2019, on Tinder she came across Parminder’s profile where he was known as ‘Sunny’.

The victim liked him and they started a relationship on the app.

They then both agreed to meet in person at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar.

When they met Sunny told her he was definitely single and also lied to the victim that his age was lower than what he stated on the app.

After the date, the victim was wooed by the con portrayed by Sunny.

The victim says that he began to meet her regularly at a hotel in Jalandhar and he started to promise that he would marry her.

Under this pretext, which she genuinely believed, he wanted to have sex with her.

But after she found out Sunny was married with children, it turned out to be all lies and a premeditated betrayal.

When she confronted Sunny personally about the whole matter, he began to give excuses and quickly left without saying any more to her.

The victim then called Sunny a number of times on the phone, but he did not always answer and thus, started avoiding her.

When Sunny did answer the calls, he continuously threatened her and then hung up.

The victim then plucked up the courage to tell her family about the whole matter and how and what Sunny had done to her.

Her family then reported the matter to the police, filing a report.

After assessing all the statements, police officer, Naveen Pal registered the case against Parminder Singh aka Sunny at police station no. 7 in Jalandhar.

A police investigation then commenced and they set up a trap for him in Amritsar to meet the victim.

When he arrived, officers quickly arrested Sunny in Amritsar.

On Tuesday, May 28, 2019, Sunny was presented to a court by the police, where he pleaded guilty and admitted that he deceived, betrayed and threatened the victim.

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