Indian Wife refused Bath and Food by In-Laws over Dowry

An Indian wife has been abused and tormented by her husband and in-laws which included stopping her from eating or having a bath due to not enough dowry.

Indian Wife refused Bath and Food by In-Laws over Dowry f

"They would snatch food from me and fight with me"

An Indian woman, aged 23, from the Bengaluru area, contacted police after experiencing a tremendous amount of abuse from her in-laws and husband over not giving enough dowry.

The inhumane treatment of the Indian wife called Ramaya (not real name) by her husband and his family amounted in shocking types of behaviour towards her.

The domestically abused woman told police that she is seeking action against her husband and in-laws for not allowing her to have any food or even take a bath.

She says the in-laws made her leave the marital home during the night and told her to go and get more dowry from her parents for them.

This is after her family gave her husband and his family 52 grams of gold jewellery in the form of a dowry during her wedding in November 2016. In addition, she says her family paid for the wedding fully, by spending Rs. 8 Lakh on it.

Then after some time into the marriage, her husband and in-laws threatened and abused her, forcing her to get more dowry from her parents.

She then brought them “Rs. 1 lakh from her parents a year ago,” she said. However, even after giving them this additional amount towards her dowry, “the harassment did not end.”

She was beaten up very often by her husband, who works as a driver.

He constantly abused her and showed her no regard as a human being, never mind as a wife. Her in-laws had no issue with her treatment by him.

Ramaya told police that her husband sent her back to her parents home every three months and told her to get money from them.

They would take any money she earned of her but prohibit her from food and bathing:

“I would give my salary to them. But the money was not enough for them.”

“They told me to eat food and take bath in my parents home.”

She revealed to The New Indian Express paper that they disallowed her from having any food for the last six months, saying:

“They would snatch food from me and fight with me telling me to bring money from my parents.

“They did not allow me to take bath for more than two weeks. They would switch off the water heater.

“When they went out to work, they would lock me in a room.”

Based on her report and accusations, police said they will take action and contact the husband and in-laws and give them a serious warning to stop the harassment towards her.

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