Mahira Khan’s Makeup Artist shares Beauty Hacks

Mahira Khan’s favourite makeup artist, Babar Zaheer has revealed the beauty hacks he uses on set with the actress.

Mahira Khan’s Makeup Artist shares Beauty Hacks - f

"We share an incredible bond"

From Mahira Khan and Hanir Amir to models like Amna Ilyas, Babar Zaheer has worked with a variety of Pakistani celebrities.

He has also worked with other stars including Saba Qamar, Haniya Amir, Iqra Aziz and Sania Mirza.

Known for his expertise in makeup and hair, Babar Zaheer shares a close bond with Mahira Khan and has been her go-to makeup artist for years.

In a recent interview, the highly-acclaimed makeup artist shared his secret makeup hacks as well as his experience with Mahira on set.

Babar revealed that whilst on set with Mahira Khan, they never discuss anything personal.

The makeup artist said: “We don’t discuss anything; we just discuss each other.

“I’ll complain about why she didn’t pick up my calls or why she did this or that; it’s all we do.

“But I must say, we share an incredible bond that enables us to be this comfortable around each other.”

Babar added that he prefers working with celebrities rather than brides as he is given room to be creative.

He said: “Brides always require a fixed look.

“Their clothes mostly have a pre-determined colour palette, be it reds or pastels.

“When it comes to celebrities, I get room to experiment a lot, especially with editorial looks where I can play around with many colours.”

When working with his clients, including Mahira Khan, Babar revealed he likes to use his fingers for blending.

Babar Zaheer said: “The heat radiating from your fingertips is great to help foundation blend into your skin quickly and seamlessly.

“What a beauty blender will take a while to do; your fingers can achieve in half the time.”

Babar Zaheer, who was inspired by his aunt to become a makeup artist, went on to reveal his favourite beauty hacks.

He shared:

“One trick I always use on all my clients is the way I apply mascara.”

“People mostly wiggle the wand upwards, thinking it gets them the most volume, but I like to keep the mascara bristles fixed near the lash base, creating a black line and then moving the product upwards.

“Secondly, red lipstick doubles up as an excellent cheek tint; just make sure you don’t go too overboard.”

Whilst the vast majority of Babar’s clients are part of the Pakistani entertainment industry, the makeup artist revealed that he wishes to collaborate with Deepika Padukone.

Babar Zaheer said: “I want to work with Deepika.

“I find her absolutely beautiful, and I know I’ll be able to create a gorgeous look for her.”

Ravinder is a Journalism BA graduate. She has a strong passion for all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also likes to watch films, read books and travel.

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