Find the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist on Instagram

Instagram is a popular platform for many brides looking for makeup artists. DESIblitz presents tips on how to find the perfect MUA on the social media app.

Find the Perfect Bridal Makeup Artist on Instagram

The products an artist uses is important as a bridal look requires heavy makeup

When you’re looking back through your wedding album and through the memories years after your special day, there’s only one thing that will sparkle through, and that is how beautiful you looked.

After all the planning you do for your wedding day, looking your absolute best often feels impossible which is why it is so important to find the perfect Make Up Artist (MUA) for you.

Finding the right makeup artist for your special day, can be a struggle and at times can feel like a disaster.

In recent years, there has been an influx of Make Up Artist’s showcasing their talents on Instagram.

Many young women, and even men, share their extravagant makeup portfolio which most certainly attracts avid followers on the social media app.

It is now ‘in’ to find your perfect makeup artist on Instagram, and you would be quite surprised at how many brides actually do!

DESIblitz has a few tips on how to find the perfect bridal MUA for your wedding day.



As an avid Instagrammer would say: stalk as much as possible.

It’s always good to have recommendations from previous brides, but nothing beats doing the research yourself.

Not all MUAs conduct bridal makeup, so a major tip would be to look for pictures of their previous clients on their page to find out what their styles are.

A ‘party look’ on their Instagram page may look heavy and as a result sufficient, however bear in mind you are only looking at a picture and bridal makeup requires more effort.

Another tip would be to ensure that the MUA has not only put up pictures of themselves but their work on real brides. A certain bridal look may look stunning on the MUA as they know what looks good on them but the same look may not suit you.

It is always better to find someone that has worked with various skin types, as well as different colours of skin as they will have more experience of what makeup products will suit each individual.



Once you’ve done your research be sure to enquire as to their availability and their price range. You don’t want to get your hopes up, especially if your big day falls in the busy wedding season.

An MUA will usually have their email address or sometimes a link to their website in the ‘bio’ section, where you can find their contact details.

This way, you will be able to narrow down who is available and who isn’t, and you will also get an idea of their customer service. They should be helpful and definitely enthusiastic about working with you for your special day!

Their Makeup Collection


Whilst you’re browsing on an MUA’s Instagram page, most of them will post a list of products that they’ve used to achieve a certain bridal look, so many of the products on their Instagram will speak for themselves.

However, if this isn’t prominent on their page, then be sure to ask what products they use.

If you aren’t familiar with any of the products the artist has used, then you can always ask them, and an experienced MUA will be able to run them through with you.

The products an artist will use is always important as a bridal look requires heavy makeup, so you should ensure that the make up being used is of good quality and achieves the look you want.

The Trial


By this stage, you might have had an idea of what look you want to achieve, because of all the Instagram stalking throughout the process so have a picture ready for the MUA so they can understand what you require.

It is always advantageous to have a few pictures, especially for the colour scheme of your dress and the theme of your wedding, so the artist has an indication of how to coordinate your look for your actual wedding day.

The trial is also beneficial for getting to know the MUA, as most the process is done via email or phone so you will get an understanding of how they work.

You will also get to speak to them on a personal basis and be able to better decide whether they are who you want to work with for your wedding day.

Tips for the Trial

  1. Ensure your skin is cleansed and make-up free before you go to see the MUA. Use a good facial scrub, or an exfoliator the night before as it will remove all dead skin and leave you with refreshed skin in the morning.
  2. Wear something of a similar colour to your wedding dress, as you will be able to make a better judgement of how the make-up will match your dress on the wedding day.
  3. Lastly, if there is something you’re not happy with then be sure to speak up and let the MUA know as they will want to make sure you feel comfortable. An experienced artist will not be offended but will appreciate your input and make adjustments to suit your needs.

The advantage of using Instagram to find a bridal MUA is that it’s not a tedious, long process as conventional techniques have proved to be in the past.

Their work, ‘before and after’ shots, their makeup kit, and most importantly their reviews are all publicly showcased so that hundreds and millions of followers can view their work.

So go on, have a stalk. You never know, you may be the next Instagram bride!

Tahmeena is an English Language and Linguistics graduate who has a passion for writing, enjoys reading, particularly about history and culture and loves everything Bollywood! Her motto is; ‘Do what you love’.

Images courtesy of Makeup By Mus Instagram, Sadia Hussain Instagram, Dee Sanghera Instagram, Saadiya Rahman Instagram, Art of Liza Instagram, and Summaya MUA Instagram

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