20 Bridal Gold Kangan Designs perfect for Your Wedding

The gold kangan is a timeless piece that is treasured by the bride. Take a look at these bridal gold kangans that are a perfect choice for your wedding day.

20 Bridal Gold Kangan Designs perfect for Your Wedding

for those brides who want to add the wow factor to their bangles

The bridal gold kangan is a very special piece of jewellery.

They are beautiful treasures that are passed down from generation to generation and hold a sentimental value for most families.

Traditionally in the Asian community, the groom gifts his to be wife with a gold set which includes a necklace, earrings, tikka, a ring, and bangles.

Sometimes, wearing a full gold set can be too much. This is why many brides have opted to wear just the gold bangles on their big day, saving the rest of the jewellery for another occasion.

Finalising kangans for the big day can be a big hassle. With so many styles to choose from, we know how stressful this can be.

Confused after looking at a million different styles? DESIblitz presents 20 bridal gold kangan designs perfect to suit you for your big day.

The Simplistic Kangan

This set of gold bangles is for the brides who like to keep things simple.

The small beading details allow the bangle to have some weight whilst maintaining simplicity.

The beading also helps the bangle to look more modern, allowing it to double up as a bracelet with western clothing.

You can wear just the one bangle with western clothing and no one will be able to tell that they are Kangans.

Check out this Kangan in more detail, here.

The Timeless Kangan

This delicate Kangan is a piece that you can treasure forever.

This everlasting bangle is something that can be passed down from generation to generation.

This timelessness of the style means it will go perfectly with not only your bridal outfit but any Asian attire.

With this style, you can wear the bangles on their own because they are a statement piece. You can shop this piece here.

Kangan’s that fit with a Bangle Set

This style is for brides who want to incorporate their gold kangans into their bangle set for their big day.

This will work well for brides who have a lot of gold work on their outfits.

With this set, you can put one Kangan on either side of the actual bangle set.

The overall effect will be that you wear two per arm, either side of your bangles.

Check out this kangan here.

The Rajasthani-inspired Kangan

This Rajasthani-inspired kangan is perfect for our brides who will be wearing a simple and sophisticated lehenga.

This kangan with matching jewellery will make all the statement you need.

The intricate detailing along with the emerald green and blood red colours make it a bangle fit for a queen.

You can find this kangan here.

The Kangan with a Hint of Drama

This style is a gorgeously delicate piece with intricate work all along the circumference of the bangle, featuring heavy detailing along the top.

For the brides who want something simple with a hint of drama, this style is perfect for you.

The detail at the top is eye-catching enough without looking like too much.

The fastening of this piece uses a screw meaning you can treasure this beauty for even longer. To shop for this product, visit Raj Jewels.

Vintage Kangan

For our traditional brides who want to go for that vintage look, this might be the one for you.

This bangle set has that old school K3G (Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham) vibe it to. It’s easy to incorporate these pieces into your final kangan collection.

You can also play around with the different sizes that are available.

You can wear the bigger kangans for the wedding day, and save the smaller ones for the reception so that you are not repeating yourself. Find this set here.

The Kangal fit for a Princess

The kangan fit for a Princes

Fit for a regal princess. This stunning piece with heavily detailed work is jaw-dropping.

This kundan-inspired kangan is timeless for all Asian outfits.

The beading on the rim adds extra definition overall.

Due to the width of the Kangan, there is a lot of detail but it sticks to a simple design which allows it to look minimalistic whilst being dramatic at the same time.

This piece is fastened with a screw so you don’t damage the piece and it can be easily opened and closed.

The Flowery Kangan

Flowery Kangan

This is a true gold piece with a cut-out design, further embellished with a flower after every centimetre.

This design is so simple, yet feels very modern.

If you’d like to try something new, but you don’t want to go too out there, this little flower design might suit you perfectly.

Shop this kangan here.

The Pink Embroidered Kangan

A unique kangan that has a retro touch to it.

This vintage style Kangan looks like something older generations would have adorned on their arms.

The kangan is embellished with deep pink/silver leaf pattern to create a flower, finished off with a large emerald in the middle.

This stunning piece can be paired alone, one on each hand, and it is enough to make a statement. You can look at this item in more detail, here.

The Kangan with Maroon Stones

This stunning piece with maroon stones is breathtaking. It’s delicate yet has plenty of colour.

The repeated design that the stones form gives the impression of red and white flowers, which add a delicacy to the kangan.

The elegant piece will look great paired with some simple maroon bangles.

This kangan is a timeless piece which you can wear for many generations to come.

Follow the link, here, to check out this kangan design in more detail.

The Mother’s Kangan

Featuring green emeralds, red gems and pearl detailing, this stunning Kangan is something your mum would have worn during her wedding.

Red and green are hugely popular colours which were regularly worn by the older generation.

A style like this is very versatile as it can be taken into the current generation and styled with your bridal outfit. The design on this Kangan makes it a special piece.

The green emerald in the middle is surrounded by little petals and the red rubies are created with a simple teardrop pattern.

The speciality of this kangan is the half circle shape which separates each flower from the teardrop pattern. You can shop this piece here.

The Showstopper Kangan

This heavily embellished gold kangan is an eye-catching piece. Incredibly unique, it features lots of detail without being too much.

The lack of colourful stones brings attention to the boldness of the design and also allows the viewer to appreciate the intricate detailing of the curved gold leaves.

On its own, this piece is a showstopper and does not need any bangles to go along with it. We recommend this to those brides with 3/4 sleeves who do want to leave their arms bare – this is for you.

It is subtle and dramatic altogether. Visit Bluestone here to find this product.

The Extra Wide Kangan

This is a unique slim bangle with stone detail all around the Kangan.

This piece will suit our brides who choose to wear traditional sarees or salwar suits or their big day.

The overall width of the bangle makes it prominent and gives it a unique selling point. You can find this kangan here.

The Head-turning Peacock Kangan

The Head-turning Peacock Kangan

This gorgeous peacock-inspired kangan is uniquely different from anything else you may have seen.

It is sure to be a crowd pleaser with its unique peacock feature. The fastening on this piece is a screw.

This stunning kangan is something that should be worn on its own as coupling it with anything else could be too much.

The Six-piece Set

This delicate 6-piece gold kangan set is very elegant and eye-pleasing at the same time.

The small pattern all along the bangle allows it to stand out but remain simple.

The Multicoloured Kangan

This stunning number is definitely for those brides who want to add the wow factor to their bangles.

The width of this kangan is almost three inches and it most surely adds a dramatic edge to your bridal wear.

We suggest this piece for brides who are keeping their outfits simple. This kangan will surely complete the look.

Embossed with silver and pink stones, the look of the kangan is rounded with emerald green rubies.

This kangan is a showstopper piece for sure!

The Big Set of Kangans

For brides who want the same drama in their bangles but without buying one heavy or wide kangan, this set is perfect for you.

With slim individual bangles finished with small beading to create a delicate edge, this set of kangans is a great look for the bride.

The Scallop-edged Kangan

The Scallop-Edged Kangan

This unique Mughal-inspired kangan has a completely different design to what the norm is.

With a scalloped edge, the kangan exudes a wow factor that makes it truly unique.

The middle of every scallop is finished with a circular stone detail in the shape of a small flower. Find this kangan here.

The People Pleaser Kangan

Bridal Kangan

This sophisticated set is always a pleaser. With a simple pattern alternating all the way this is quite effective.

This kangan design will suit brides who want something that is effective without having too much bling.

The Everyday Kangan

This gold kangan is English-inspired. For brides who want to continue wearing their jewellery even after their wedding, this is for you.

Beautifully delicate, featuring diamonds and ruby gems, this gold kangan has a breathtaking floral cut. It is both light-weight and non-traditional, so it will match with both your Asian and Western attire.

This piece can equally be worn as a bracelet when left on its own. Shop this item here.

All of these bridal gold kangan designs can give you a little bit of inspiration for when it comes to picking out your own jewellery. There are so many more designs and styles out there for you to choose from!

We recommend narrowing your likes to the top three, this will make the journey to finding your perfect golg kangan a lot easier.

Keep an open mind to cater to your needs and finally remember to choose something which you can wear time and time again.

Gold kangans can pull on your pockets a little so choose a style you will be happy to wear on other occasions apart from your big day.

Most of all, don’t be afraid to pick a bridal gold kangan that shows off your own beautiful personality.

Yeasmin is currently studying BA Hons in Fashion Business and Promotion. She is a creative individual who enjoys fashion, food and photography. She loves everything Bollywood. Her motto is: "Life's too short to overthink, just do it!"

Images courtesy of Bluestone, Raj Jewels and Pinterest

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